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Tuesday, 10 October 2023

Endeavour College of Natural Health

gut health stress

Stress and digestion – what’s the link?

If you have ever felt a knot or butterflies in your stomach, you’ve experienced the impact of stress on your digestive system. Dr Brad Leech is a clinical nutritionist and educator interested in complex gastrointestinal disorders. He explains why stress…

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Monday, 7 August 2023

Allanah Robinson-Cook

gut health nutrition tips and advice

The benefits of mindful eating: how and why to do it

With the expanding focus on gut health as a key pillar of wellbeing comes increasing information regarding the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of it. We are inundated with information regarding what we should or shouldn’t eat, what foods we should eat in combination,…

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Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Olfa Hafsa

gut health histamine intolerance naturopathy nutrition

Could your persisting symptoms be caused by histamine intolerance?

Histamine intolerance can cause a wide range of common symptoms which are often mistaken for allergic reactions or other health conditions.

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