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Endeavour is an inclusive college that seeks input and feedback from the student community and provides opportunities for student representation via our Student Partners network.

Endeavour is an inclusive college that seeks input and feedback from the student community and provides opportunities for Student Partners to be an integral part of student life at the College.

Endeavour's Student Partners network provides an opportunity to involve the student body in an ongoing partnership with staff and the broader college community. The three key pillars of engagement with student partners are Community, Collaboration and Mentoring.

These roles will help to identify and facilitate the interests of all students supporting open channels of communication between students and administrative/academic departments across the college. The aim of the Student Partners network is continuous improvement through engagement with the national student body.

All Student Partners are considered to be exemplars of Endeavour values, the Student Code of Conduct and demonstrate outstanding student citizenship.

At Endeavour we are committed to working alongside students to support the following objectives:

  • To enhance the student journey for peers and future students.
  • To represent students’ collective views and opinions to support change initiatives that enhance the student journey.
  • To make connections and contribute positively to the Student Partners network at the college.
  • To develop skills that build your personal communication skills, professional presentation skills, negotiating skills and solution-based recommendations that influence people and outcomes.
  • To become a leader, mentor and inspiration to commencing and current students and to proudly represent and enact real change that contributes to a great student experience at the college.

There are a number of opportunities available and connect with us if you would like to be involved.

For more information head to the Student Partners tab in the LMS.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Proudly supported by the college’s Student Partners network, PASS is a free program that offers interactive, live, online, group study sessions.

The PASS Program is a learning enhancement program that provides regularly scheduled, peer-facilitated study sessions, offered historically to difficult subjects. For more information, see here

College Council

The College Council is the peak academic governing body at Endeavour. It receives advice from a Student Partner on the College Council. This student will attend regular meetings and support student input.

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Health and Safety Committee

Every campus has a local Health and Safety Committee and we welcome student members on this committee to support student insight and feedback around the Campus

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Complaints and Decision Review Committee

From time to time the College will convene a Complaints and Decision Review Committee, a member of the Student Partners team will be invited to join the committee.

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Student to Student Connections

Student Connections

Connect with your fellow students via the Student Life page on your LMS. Here you will be able to review Student Partner updates, connect with your Student Partners, and browse the latest student newsletters.

Connect with Student Representatives

Do you have an idea, suggestion or feedback about Campus life? Would you like to see a specific activity or event occur within the College? Do you have a suggestion about how to enhance your experience as an Endeavour student? Let your Student Partners know!

Student Partners are here to represent the views of the student body. All Student Partners have ongoing meetings with Endeavour's National Student Life Manager so you can be assured that your feedback is being heard.

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