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Endeavour College of Natural Health's teaching and research academics are of the highest calibre in their respective disciplines, through practice in their field and/or scholarly activity.

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Hetal Aghera

Hetal AgheraLecturer Biosciences Adelaide

Mr. Nitish AgrawalCurriculum Facilitator Biosciences Brisbane

Joanne Andrews

Joanne AndrewsAcademic Clinic Coordinator Nutritional Medicine Brisbane

Sonya Bailey

Sonya BaileyCurriculum Facilitator Myotherapy Melbourne


Erin Baker

Erin BakerCurriculum Facilitator Myotherapy Melbourne

John Bartlett

Mr. John BartlettLecturer Biosciences Brisbane


Jessica Bayes

Jessica BayesLecturer Nutritional Medicine Melbourne

Kerry Beake

Kerry BeakeCurriculum Facilitator Nutritional Medicine Perth


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