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What our students say about studying at Endeavour

A growing industry

“There is a huge global movement towards preventative health, and this is driving demand for natural health services and products. Every week, people ask me about where to study natural health. I had such a beautiful experience at Endeavour as a mum that I always recommend the College to others.”

-Gina Urlich (Nutrition)

Gain real-world work-experience at our clinics

"My favourite subject by far was clinical practice, which you do many hours of in Endeavour’s student clinic. I think Endeavour also taught me resilience, and when I graduated, I was confident that I could work in the industry.”

-Tai Miers (Naturopathy)

"I really loved having the opportunity to practice out of the Endeavour Wellness Clinics, where you essentially watch everything you theoretically learnt come to life in front of you."

-Jenna Carroll (Naturopathy)

A personal, supportive environment

“Walking into an Endeavour Open Day had felt like walking into a home. At other unis, I was one in an ocean of thousands of students.”

-Leilani Finau (Nutrition)

“I went to an Endeavour College Open Day, and it was so friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere on campus is the same. I like that everyone there is on the same health journey.”

-Amy Parin (Naturopathy)

“The campus has such good energy. Immediately, I knew that it was where I wanted to be. At Endeavour, natural health is everyone’s passion project, and they want to learn as much as they possibly can.”

-Amelia Hetherington (Naturopath)

Passionate, experienced lecturers

“At Endeavour, smaller class sizes and more contact time with classmates and lectures make it easier to get to know people. You can also tap into the lecturers’ knowledge and clinical experience. They are encouraging, and there is always extra academic support if you need it.”

-Lexie McPhee (Naturopathy)

“The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn. The College is incredibly nurturing, and the lecturers go above and beyond.

-Leilani Finau (Nutrition)

“Endeavour is a smaller university, and you build relationships with the lecturers. They are the most amazing part of the College. They have such passion and bring incredible energy to their teaching. The Endeavour lecturers guide and mentor you throughout your studies.”

-Melissa Salmon (Naturopathy)

Flexible learning

“If not for Endeavour’s flexible delivery and support, I may never have continued my studies. Nothing was an issue. Endeavour wants you to be living a life, not just studying.”

-Lexi Crouch (Nutrition)

“As a regional student with responsibility for my children, I love that I can be there via Zoom with my lecturers and classmates, absorbing the knowledge without having to travel. If one of my kids is sick, I can still listen, or I can catch up later.”

-Tara Hansen (Naturopathy)

"Endeavour's online learning platform is exceptionally intuitive and easy to navigate. Learning from home has never been so simple and you'll have every opportunity to flourish with the education and resources provided."

-Ema Souness (Naturopathy)