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Single Subject Non-Award Study

Passionate about natural health but aren’t ready to commit to a full degree? Single subject study at Endeavour may be for you!

Single subject study, also called non-award study, allows you to enrol in up to five individual subjects from our natural health degrees.

Upon completion of the single subject, you may receive advanced standing towards your chosen degree via our Educational Pathways process. Please speak with our Admission Advisers on 1300 462 887 to learn more.

If you are considering a career in natural health, single subject study is a great way to get started and find the modality that’s right for you. Practitioners can enrol to learn new skills, or for professional development. If you have a special area of interest and would love to learn more, single subject study allows you to tailor your learning to grow your passion for natural health.

Single subjects are available online and on campus at all Endeavour campus locations, providing you with the flexibility to balance your study and lifestyle.

Non-Award Subjects

Code Subject Title Price (Domestic) Brochure
BIOA111 Introduction to Human Biology $2458.00
BIOA122 Systems Physiology $2458.00
BIOB111 Chemistry and Biochemistry $2451.00
BIOH111 Human Biological Science 1 $2451.00
BIOH122 Human Biological Science 2 $2451.00
BIOW311 Wellness Practices $1226.00
CMPF121 Introduction to Chinese Medicine $2328.00
CMPR111 Chinese Medicine Foundations $2458.00
MSTP211 Introduction to Musculoskeletal Therapies $2328.00
NATF311 Flower Essence Therapy $1226.00
NATP111 Naturopathic Philosophy $1839.00
NMDE211 Energetics of Food $1226.00
NMDF121 Foundations of Human Nutrition $2451.00
NMDM121 Medicinal Food Science $2451.00
NMDS111 Sociology of Food $1226.00
NMDW221 Weight Management in Health and Disease $1226.00
SOCC111 Developing Cultural Competence in Healthcare $2458.00
SOCE311 Establish and Manage a Practice $1226.00
SOCF111 Foundations of Communication and Counselling $1226.00
SOCH111 History of Healing $2451.00
SOCM311 Mindfulness in Practice $1226.00
SOCQ121 Foundations of Critical Enquiry $1226.00
WHMF121 Herbal Botany and Manufacturing $2451.00