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Articles written by Olfa Hafsa

Olfa Hafsa

Olfa is a clinical Naturopath (BHSc Naturopathy, Dux) who practices in the areas of autoimmunity and mental health.

Her journey into complementary medicine started with her own experience of being diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune condition in her 20s, and her decision to take ownership of her health. Having experienced first-hand the remarkable benefits of Naturopathy in chronic disease, she has made it her priority to support people with autoimmunity to regain control over their lives.

Besides her naturopathic qualification, she holds a Master of Food Science giving her a deep grounding in science and biochemistry, and is currently training as a Counsellor to expand her therapeutic skills in the mental health area. She offers in-person consultations from her clinic space in Brisbane, as well as online consultations (telehealth) Australia-wide. For more information on Olfa’s work and approach, visit her website at or simply get in touch at

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Olfa Hafsa

autoimmune disease naturopathy

Naturopathy for autoimmune conditions: the role of mental health

Immunity is a complex function needed for our health and survival. But the immune system can sometimes cause damage to our own body, which leads to chronic illnesses such as autoimmune conditions.

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Monday, 17 July 2023

Olfa Hafsa

Natural health Naturopathy tips and advice

Managing autoimmune conditions with herbal medicine

Autoimmune conditions are an increasing concern because of their impact on people’s lives and the limits of pharmaceutical treatment options. As with many other long term chronic conditions, complementary medicines such as naturopathy have much to offer…

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Monday, 10 July 2023

Olfa Hafsa

Naturopathy hydrotherapy natural health

Hydrotherapy: Using the therapeutic power of water

Water is such a normal part of our lives that we do not realise it can be a powerful therapeutic tool. In reality, water has been associated with medicine and health since the beginning of recorded history, and has been used by renowned physicians such …

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Monday, 26 June 2023

Olfa Hafsa

breathwork naturopathy

Could your breathing be the cause of ongoing symptoms?

We all know how crucial breathing is. It is, after all, the one single thing that we do continuously from birth to the last moment of our life.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Olfa Hafsa

gut health histamine intolerance naturopathy nutrition

Could your persisting symptoms be caused by histamine intolerance?

Histamine intolerance can cause a wide range of common symptoms which are often mistaken for allergic reactions or other health conditions.

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