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Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage)

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Campus locations

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth

Course length

1.5 years full-time
Part-time options available

Contact hours

From 12 hours per week (part-time)

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FEE-HELP available for domestic students
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International admissions

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No current state-based restrictions

The Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage) is an exciting and unique course offering at Endeavour College.

Students will graduate with an understanding of the philosophy and history of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as practical Chinese remedial massage techniques and skills.

Students can look forward to developing a knowledge of human biology, systems physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology in addition to Chinese Medicine theories and therapies. This course also prepares students with consultation and diagnostic techniques and Chinese remedial massage techniques including Tui Na, acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, topical herbal applications, and medical Qi Gong.

This course has been carefully curated to optimise the student experience and learning outcomes. In response to student feedback and the evolving needs of the Chinese medicine profession in Australia, each teaching block instills students with both theoretical and practical skills. This means students will be continuously practicing and perfecting techniques as they learn them.

"My Endeavour cohort is like a family. We spend a lot of time together, studying and supporting each other. The teachers are supportive too. They listen and help as much as possible."

Floriane Fonzes

Acupuncture student

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the foundational theories, history, and terminology of Chinese medicine.
  • Acquire palpation and Chinese remedial massage skills, including a full body sequence. Develop familiarity with the evidence base of massage therapy and understand clinical policies and procedures.
  • Gain proficiency in accurately locating acupuncture points and understanding their therapeutic actions. Develop familiarity with contemporary research into acupuncture points and point location.
  • Gain knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, including the structure and function of major body systems.
  • Understand the principles of managing and operating a clinical medicine practice. Reflect on professional ethical responsibilities, codes of conduct, and legal and regulatory issues.

Career Opportunities

Chinese remedial massage practitioners can practice independently as a sole trader or alongside other practitioners in a multidisciplinary setting. Practitioners will often work with other allied health practitioners such as acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists, medical doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and naturopaths. There is a wide scope for specialisation in areas including sports medicine, musculoskeletal health and health maintenance.

Graduates are eligible to pathway directly into the second year of the Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture Therapies) or Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine). Graduates may also pathway into other health qualifications in a variety of related areas.

Student and Alumni Profiles

Student Profile

Discover how Clare Lucas found her passion with Chinese Medicine

Alumni Profile

Find out how Vicki Yap-Khaw found her passion

Course Structure

The Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage) is offered in mixed mode, with a combination of online, blended, live-streamed and on campus subjects.

  • Online – fully digital structured learning, supported by our expert academics. You can study these subjects at any time during the week within specified delivery periods.
  • On campus – attend live classes on one of our 6 campuses during specific timetabled times throughout the week.
  • Livestream – attend live classes virtually at specific timetabled times throughout the week. Supported by online study materials.
  • Blended – a mixture of live classes (could be scheduled on campus or via livestream) and online content delivery.

Contact our admissions team for additional details on the delivery mode for each subject or download the course structure here.

Code Subject Title Outline

Endeavour Clinic

Students gain significant clinical experience at Endeavour Wellness Clinics under the supervision of qualified practitioners. Book a Remedial Massage treatment today or simply drop in for a first-hand look at where you'll complete your practical/clinical subjects.

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Educational Pathways

If you have fully or partially completed a qualification with another provider (either at a Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training level), you may receive advanced standing towards your Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage) degree via our Educational Pathways process.

Endeavour is one of the very few institutions in Australia that maps individual subjects into each of our degree programs. We created the Articulation Abacus to provide a visual interpretation of calculating educational credit points, so you can see how close to gaining a degree you really are.

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Professional Associations

Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage) graduates may apply for membership with the following professional associations:

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