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Clinic Block Model

Why were the clinics changed from a semester model?

The Clinic Block Model is an initiative that came about due to the feedback we received from students stating that they wanted more consistency with the clinic subjects and the need to plan how to manage their studies across commitments to family, working and study. This was challenging with a consistently changing clinic schedule semester per semester. In addition, due to the long semester breaks in clinic, the Endeavour Wellness Clinic was always challenged with client retention and found it increasingly difficult to promote a continuity of care for our clients. Now that we will have the clinic open for 48 weeks of the year, it will allow both students and clients to have more consistency and give students more opportunity to study and treat outside of a traditional semester. Students will be able to start a clinic block during a semester break and this will not only help with study workloads, but also with the advancement of their degree. We recognise that many students are supporting their families though working / parenting and adding study on top to achieve goals and follow their passion in Natural Health and this model adds flexibility for students to juggle commitments across multiple blocks based on their annual availability.

Why the Clinic Block Model?

The Clinic Block Model is a College-wide initiative based on student feedback to provide the high standard student clinical education, build student experience in the clinical setting, and build strong and repeated client experience. It also aims to provide flexibility for students and extended opening hours for increased client engagement

Are the intensive clinics still running, considering the changes brought about by COVID-19?

No. The intensive clinics are not running. The COVID-19 pandemic across Australia evolved quickly and within a matter of weeks the college went from a normal semester to closed on March 23, with the initial plan to reopen on May 4. Based on government directive in April social distancing was to be maintained and restrictions were still in place across all states. The College announced to students that all campuses would not be reopening on May 4 and that plan b for the reopening of campuses on July 6. With this plan in place students will be able to transition into the Clinic Block Model.

Do I only need to complete the Clinic Block, and not the Intensive?

No, you will not need to complete both. The Clinic Block substitutes the intensive five-week clinic delivery we were proposing when our date for campus return was May 4, 2020. This means you will be required to complete Block 3 only and instead of the previously communicated intensive five-week clinic block. The hours that you have already completed will be allocated and you will just be required to make up the remaining hours for completion. This is approximately nine weeks. If this is challenging, then please submit a Special Consideration Application through the student portal for consideration.

Do I need to enrol into Clinic Block 3 if I am already enrolled into S1|20?

If you are an enrolled student in S1|20, the College has already enrolled you into the S1 clinical completion. All you need to do is select the date and times of your subject to complete enrolment.

Refer to the communication that the College sent to you directly via email on May 13, and the communications posted on the LMS and the Student Portal.

If I have not been enrolled in S1|20, can I enrol into the Clinic Block?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate your request to enrol into Clinic Block 3. This clinic block has been prioritised to support S1 clinical completion subjects.

Based on the number of students completing S1 clinics, there is no capacity to accommodate new enrolments in this clinic block, however Clinic Block 4 is open for enrolments. Refer to the timetable for times / days, and enrol via the Student Portal Manage Enrolment tabs.

Refer to the communications posted on the LMS and the Student Portal.

I have already enrolled into S1|20 Clinics with a fee, will I be charged for Clinic Block 3 as well?

No. The College has no intention of charging any students twice. To support this process, you will be removed from the S1|20 enrolment and the college will contact you directly to support enrolment into the new Clinic Block. This will ensure that there is only one fee associated with the subject. All S1|20 students will be given priority to enrol into Clinic Block 3.

Is there a new census date for the Clinic Block?

Yes. Based on a 12-week teaching period the census date is three weeks after the start of the teaching. A 2020 calendar that outlines the start and finish date of the clinic block and the census dates is currently being presented to the Educational Board and the Academic Council and once endorsed this will be released to students. This is expected to be aligned with the May 18 announcement of the timetable in PDF format.

If I am unable to commit to the Clinic Block 3 timetable, can I withdraw without penalty?

Yes. As you enrolled into a new teaching period, Clinic Block 3 you can manage your enrolment as you would prior to the census date. As a student you can withdraw or enrol prior to census date. Students can manage their enrolment through the student portal, student services support or course progression teams are also here to help.

The student services support and course progression advisers can also be contacted via the student portal ticket system or call 1300 462 887.

Do I need to do clinics across every single block of clinic, or can I choose different clinic blocks?

The benefit of the new Clinic Block Model is that you can choose the blocks you would like to undertake in any year. As there are four blocks in a year, it gives you more opportunity to stay in progression or advance through your degree quicker and manage your pace of clinical study.

Is there a certain number of blocks that I need to enrol into?

There is no minimum or maximum block number that you need to undertake within a calendar year. The main consideration when planning your course progression is that one Clinic Block = one semester. If you are doing a full-time load and you want to keep to the usual full-time load, you would need to choose two clinic blocks or if you would like to get ahead and advance through your degree quicker than you were then you can choose more clinical studies and subjects. It is important to remember that you must have completed all the pre-requisite and enrolled into the co-requisite to support course progression.

Will the times and days change for each clinic for each block?

No. This block model was designed based on student feedback with a core message about wanting consistency across a year. We respect that many students are juggling working commitments, study commitments and family commitments. The clinic block model has been designed for consistency so that students and clients know exactly when discipline sessions are being undertaken in a whole year in their local clinic. This means that every effort has been made to keep each discipline clinic session the same for the whole year. These sessions have also been tailored with input from Clinic Managers and peak time customer booking preferences. This will allow students to pre-plan their year so that you can have a more stable work/family/study balance, but it will also assist with our Endeavour Wellness Clinic clients who will be able to pre-book their sessions for the same time for the whole year!

How do I enrol into my clinics?

In the exact same way you do for all of your subjects through the student portal. When you click on your clinic code, it will give you options as to what days you would like to do for the 12-week clinic block model. Once you have completed your enrolment, your place will be reserved for that time for the whole 12-week period.

What happens if I cannot attend to the clinics on the days of the subjects?

The clinic make up process remains unchanged. Clinics are still 100% attendance subjects and if you do miss a clinic, then students will need adhere to and fill out the ‘Application for Clinic Session Make-Up’ found on the website under College forms.

How do I complete make up clinics if there are no break periods?

Make up clinics will be done in any clinic block period, as long as they are completed by census date of the next clinic block period.

Can I complete my clinic make ups in the remaining 3 weeks of Clinic Block 3, after finishing my 9 weeks of sessions?

There has been no change to the clinic make up process. You will have up until week 3 of the following clinic block to make up these hours and will need to connect with your local Clinic Manager to arrange these session times.

If I have already done clinical hours, do they still count towards the subject for the semester?

Yes, absolutely they do. These clinical hours will be counted towards the total hours towards the total clinical hours for completion. We thank you for your diligence and attending clinic at this challenging time and we look forward to helping you complete your clinical classes once the College reopens. The College currently has a project team working on the practical in clinic timetable sessions for the planned reopening of the College on July 6. * Subject to change based on Government directive.

What do the practical and clinical intensive sessions hours/dates/times look like?

The College currently has a project team working on the practical in clinic timetable sessions for the planned reopening of the College on 6 July. * Subject to change based on Government directive.

Teams are currently working on timetables and a practical clinical timetable is planned to be provided no later than May 18 to support your studies into July and S2|20.

While our immediate priority is confirming what our return on July 6 looks like to support your planning, we have been and continue to conduct scenario planning and draft timetabling across further potential return to campus dates for August through to December 2020. This is due to the unpredictability of COVID-19, and our reliance on government directives as to when we can safely return. Should a return date of July 6 become unlikely at any point, we will communicate this as soon as possible.

If I continue to stay in my studies and the intensive sessions do not work for me, can I withdraw without penalty after census date?

Census dates are set by the government and these cannot be changed, however we respect that this is a key date for committing to your studies. The College is committed to making this work for you and are planning and modelling several options to be able to support completion of your clinics and practicals. This may include extended intensive sessions on campus, several clinical and practical offerings across a 4-week intensive period or across a number of weeks and extended across the semester break period and into S2|20 for completion. With theory classes remaining online for S1|20 this supports scheduling ability into these timeframes for completion before S2|20. We are aiming to offer minimum disruption and maximum time flexibility to support all students with offerings that support subject completion. We thank you for your patience as we work on this modelling and will keep you informed of updates as this rolls out.

I was planning to complete my subjects and my course this semester, is this still possible?

Yes. We would recommend that you stay in your classes and your clinics and will aim to support you to achieve this goal. Based on the current circumstances, special considerations and maximum flexibility with time will be put in place to support clinic subject completion. We thank you for your patience as we work on this and we will keep you informed of updates as these roll out.

Will clinics remain on campus?

Yes. Clinical classes will remain on campus. The new Clinic Block Model will also support consistency of care across patients and allow students to build their clinical skills in succession to achieve strong clinical outcomes that meet professional learning outcomes of the subjects and prepare students for clinics and as leading practitioners after graduation.

What will the Clinic Block look like in 2021?

In 2021, clinics blocks will be available for enrolment throughout the year. This will include four clinic blocks comprised of 12 weeks each. The Clinic Block Model was designed to:

  • Allow increased flexibility
  • Annual planning
  • Consistency of clients to maximize the teaching and learning clinical experience

Support the unique demographics of students that juggle multiple commitments across their studies