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Clinic Block Model

Why the Clinic Block Model?

The Clinic Block Model is a College-wide initiative based on student feedback to provide the high standard student clinical education, build student experience in the clinical setting, and build strong and repeated client experience. It also aims to provide flexibility for students and extended opening hours for increased client engagement

Is there a different census date for clinic block and semester-based subjects?

Yes. Based on a 12-week teaching period, the census date is three weeks after the start of the teaching period.

Do I need to do clinics across every single block of clinic or can I choose different clinic blocks?

The benefit of the Clinic Block Model is that you can choose the blocks you would like to undertake in any year. As there are four blocks in a year, it gives you more opportunity to stay in progression or advance through your degree quicker and manage your pace of clinical study.

Is there a certain number of blocks that I need to enrol into?

There is no minimum or maximum block number that you need to undertake within a calendar year. The main consideration when planning your course progression is that one Clinic Block = one semester. If you are doing a full-time load and you want to keep to the usual full-time load, you would need to choose two clinic blocks or if you would like to get ahead and advance through your degree quicker than you were then you can choose more clinical studies and subjects. It is important to remember that you must have completed all the pre-requisite and enrolled into the co-requisite to support course progression.

How many clinic codes can I undertake in a clinic block?

As the Clinic Block Model allows students to have the opportunity to study clinics consecutively across four clinic blocks in a calendar year. From 2021 only one clinic code can be studied per clinic block.

If I have enrolled into a clinic block and my circumstances change and I am unable to commit, can I withdraw without penalty?

Students can self-manage their enrolment as they would prior to any census date, this can be done via the Student Portal under the 'My Study' tile. The Student Services support and Course Progression advisers can also be contacted via the Student Portal under 'Systems and Support' or students can call 1300 462 887.

Will the days and times change for every clinic block teaching period?

The Clinic Block Model was designed based on student feedback with a core message about seeking consistency across a year. We respect that many students are juggling work, study and family commitments.

The Clinic Block Model has been designed for consistency so that students and clients know exactly when discipline sessions are being undertaken in a whole year at their local clinic. This means that every effort has been made to keep each discipline clinic session the same for the whole year.

How do I complete make up clinics if there are no break periods?

Make up clinics will be done in any clinic block period, as long as they are completed by census date of the next clinic block period.

I need to do a clinic make up. What is the process?

As clinic practicum has a 100% attendance requirement, all allowable missed clinic sessions must be made up via filling in the relevant form on the Student Portal.

Will clinics remain on campus?

Yes. Clinical classes will remain on campus. The Clinic Block Model will support consistency of care across patients and allow students to build their clinical skills in succession to achieve strong clinical outcomes that meet professional learning outcomes of the subjects and prepare students for clinics and as leading practitioners after graduation.

Is the clinic open on public holidays?

The clinic is open 48 weeks of the year on every campus and like normal classes, our campuses only close for national public holidays and for a two-week campus closure period at the end of the year.

As clinic practicum has a 100% attendance requirement, national public holidays will result in clinic make-up sessions being carried out. Students will receive notification of when the clinic block sessions will be made up and clinic make-up forms do not apply.

I have clients who I want to book into the clinic sessions. When will they be able to book in?

So that Endeavour supports continuity of care for our clients, appointments for the next clinic block session will be opened 3-4 weeks before the next block is due to commence.