Graduate Attributes

Attributes of an Endeavour Higher Education Graduate

1. In-depth knowledge and skills in the field of study:

  • A comprehensive and well-founded knowledge in the field/s of study
  • An understanding of how other disciplines relate to the field/s of study
  • Application of knowledge and skills to professional practice
  • An international perspective on the field/s of study
  • The ability to review, consolidate, extend and apply the knowledge and skills learnt

2. Effective communication:

  • The ability to communicate confidently and effectively within a range of settings
  • The ability to interact effectively with others in order to work towards a common outcome
  • The ability to select and use the appropriate level, style and means of communication
  • The ability to collect, analyse and organise information and ideas and to convey those ideas clearly, fluently, in both written and spoken forms
  • The ability to engage effectively and appropriately with information and communication¬† technologies

3. Critical judgment:

  • The ability to define and analyse problems
  • The ability to apply critical reasoning to issues through independent thought and informed judgment from a range of sources
  • The ability evaluate opinions, make decisions and to reflect critically on the justifications for decisions

4. Ethical and social behaviour:

  • The ability to demonstrate social and civic responsibility
  • Appreciation of the philosophical and social contexts of a discipline
  • Knowledge of and respect for and application of ethics and ethical standards in relation to a major field/s of study
  • Knowledge of and an appreciation of cultural diversity

5. Innovation and creativity:

  • The ability to work and learn independently and in teams
  • The ability to generate ideas and adapt innovatively to changing environments
  • The ability to identify problems, create solutions and improve current practices
  • The ability to be self-directed and engage in lifelong learning