Fees and Payment Options

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All international students studying at the College and enrolled within a subject or course are expected to pay the international tuition fees for each study period in full prior to the start of the relevant study period. Tuition fees cover the cost of tuition only.

Tuition fees

View the tuition fees for international students studying Endeavour’s Bachelor degrees:

Course tuition fees are subject to change throughout the life of the course. This usually occurs at the start of a new study year, but can occur at other times in extraordinary circumstances. Any changes will be published with appropriate notice and will be made available on the College website and relevant student documents. Any published changes to fees will apply from the next study period of the student’s enrolment.

Other costs

Other costs (also known as non-tuition fees) likely to be incurred throughout the student’s enrolment at the College include:

  • Enrolment fee - $250
  • Overseas Student Health Cover – varies dependent on type of cover and number of family members covered; starts from $57 per month
  • Clinic uniform – up to $50 (dependent on course of study)
  • Working with Children Check fee – up to $60 (dependent on State of enrolment)
  • Textbooks and equipment – up to $850 per Semester (dependent on course of study)