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Focusing her energy on how to serve people better through Chinese Medicine

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 22 June 2021

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Through yoga, Clare Lucas delved into the connection between mind, body and spirit. The more she learnt, the less inclined she was to work in Western medicine. One day, Clare decided to quit her job in patient education and focused her light and energy on natural and holistic healing.

“I worked in various conventional health settings for years – in pharmacies, nursing homes and alongside psychologists, pain and neuro specialists and surgeons in hospitals. On the side, I taught Pilates, meditation and yoga, while consistently furthering my understanding and knowledge around the ancient healing traditions and philosophies. There seemed to be such an evident gap between Western medicine and these ancient eastern healing traditions. In my work, I was astounded at how quickly we dispense medication without looking for the root cause. I decided to study Ayurveda – a 5,000-year-old tradition that is the science behind yoga – to understand what else we can do to serve people better.”

Clare had thought about studying naturopathy and nutrition for many years because she saw a naturopath from a young age. “The naturopath helped me to recover from my health conditions. She empowered me to look after my health holistically,” Clare said. “In the end, I decided to dive into Chinese Medicine after being inspired by one of my mentors to do so. I had experienced firsthand the benefits of Chinese Medicine and how Taoist traditions impact life.

“I chose Endeavour because of their course structure and because I could study some of the course online,” Clare said. “I live an hour and a half from Melbourne city on the Mornington Peninsula. When I contacted Endeavour, I knew it was for me. I felt comfortable, and the team addressed my concerns.”

Clare is studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture full-time and working full-time. “I teach yoga, Pilates and meditation in the mornings and evenings and use the day-time to study. I usually consult in between classes and my study blocks,” Clare explained. “I have to be organised and manage my time well. In my teaching, I hold space for other people, so I also need to be aware of my limitations and energy.”

“It’s been a beautiful transition into studying Chinese Medicine. It feels like second nature. I’ve learnt so much from previous mentors who enhanced my understanding of different healing modalities. In yoga we say, you’re always a student, always learning, always on a journey. I enjoy every moment.”

Through her business, Light Embodiment Co, Clare runs events and education sessions in Ayurvedic principles, yoga and meditation. “I want to help as many people as possible find empowerment and be able to benefit from natural healing medicines and techniques, integrating their mind, body, soul and spirit for balance and optimal health.”

Once she graduates, Clare would like to work in two clinics – one in the city and one closer to home. “I’d like the flexibility to keep moving around, to collaborate with others and continue learning from different practitioners. One day, I’d like to have my own studio and clinic, but not yet – there is so much to learn. I feel so blessed to be here.”

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