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Kendra Whitmire

Kendra Whitmire, MS, CNS, is a nutritionist and technical writer for Designs for Health. Kendra received her master's in nutrition and functional medicine from the University of Western States and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

At Designs for Health, our primary commitment is to provide only the best to our health care practitioners and their patients. We take pride in research-driven, evidence-based products created with synergistic formulations with therapeutic ingredients. As leaders in research and innovation, we continue to raise the bar and elevate standards for the supplemental health care industry.

The science first philosophy follows scientific evidence rather than trends. We take great pride in supplying our practitioners with not only result-driven products, but also access to the latest science and education via our monthly webinars, blog posts, our learning collective and educational newsletters.

Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Kendra Whitmire


Can magnesium deficiency impact your sleep quality?

We love a good night’s sleep, but sometimes it can allude us. And while a bad night’s sleep now and then is okay, ongoing sleep issues may cause long-term health issues. Kendra Whitmire, nutritionist and technical writer at Designs for Health, delves de…

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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Kendra Whitmire

natural health heroes nutrition

How the gut microbiome supports the immune system

Building a strong immune system involves many key components, including a well-balanced gut microbiome. The commensal bacteria and other microbes do more than simply shield and crowd out potentially harmful microbes; they play an active role in the deve…

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