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Natural Remedies: herbs and health

Are you fascinated by the natural healing powers of herbs and plants? Or keen to learn more about herbal preparations, flower essences, homeopathy and aromatherapy? In this short course, you will learn about modern medicine and traditional healing, as well as discover simple ways you can use herbs and plants to improve your health.

Plus, this course will feature our new virtual reality experience where you can immerse yourself in the world of herbal medicine preparation – here you’ll be able to select and interact with herbs for more information and watch videos on how to use each herb in everyday remedies.

  • 20+ hours of content
  • 12 months of access to material
  • 100% delivered online
  • 0 prerequisites

What you'll take away from this course

Herbal tea blends for stress, digestion and relaxation
Which herbs and spices to add to your diet
An introduction to homeopathy
How to use essential oils and flower essences
Herbal remedies you can use at home

In this short course, you will study six core topics about herbs and health. Consider how people have used herbal remedies throughout the ages and how they are sourced and regulated today. Understand the process of disease and healing and the value of preventative medicine. Learn about the naturopathic principles as you explore nature’s healing power. Finally, gather the skills to create herbal remedies, start a homeopathy first aid kit, blend teas, and use flower essences and essential oils for better health.

Continuing education

Completing this course can contribute to your continuing professional development with the below organisation(s).

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Naturopathic Philosophy
    • Learn naturopathy philosophies and the connection between health and nature.
  • Herbal medicine in practice
    • Discover the healing force of nature and the naturopathic principles.
  • Herbal Preparations – different forms
    • Discover common forms of herbal medicine and accessible ways to use herbs.
  • Herbal Preparations – sourcing and first aid
    • Learn about medicinal herbs, parts of the plant and where to obtain them.
  • Flower Essences
    • Understand how flower essences are used and their different forms.
  • Natural Healing Processes
    • Focus on aromatherapy, homeopathy and flower essences as natural healing processes.

In this course, you’ll learn practical and evidence-based facts and natural health skills that you can quickly and easily apply in your life.

Dive into our rich array of online resources, including videos, virtual reality experiences, podcasts and interactive quizzes, to learn how herbs and plants can improve your health and support your body's natural healing process.

Using our intuitive, industry-leading learning platform, you have the flexibility to study entirely online, in your own time and at your pace. Your learning is supported by an interactive Learning Journal, which you will download and use throughout the course. Remember, if you need it, learning support is one click away.

This course is designed and supported by experts and instructors at the forefront of the industry and backed by Endeavour College of Natural Health’s higher education credentials.

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