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Advanced Gut Health: enhancing your microbiome

There is no question our gut health is critical to our overall vitality. So, how are you protecting and enhancing your gut microbiome? In this short course, explore gut health in-depth. Understand how gut health is measured and learn ways to improve it through diet, lifestyle, and natural therapies.

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  • 12 months of access to material
  • 100% delivered online
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What you'll take away from this course

How gut health and mental health intertwine
Understand common gut conditions
Understand different gut microbiome tests
Identify causes of gut symptoms
Strains of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics for specific conditions
Gut-friendly recipes
Supplements to support gut health
Improve your microbiome diversity

Continuing education

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This short course covers eight core topics, starting with an in-depth look at the anatomy and role of the gut. Next, consider the benefits of a healthy microbiome and study common gut symptoms and conditions. Learn how gut health is measured and improve your own gut health. Finally, delve into ways to enhance your microbiome, including prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and how to choose supplements.

Topics covered

  • Gut Health Anatomy and Function
    • Learn about the growing interest in the gut, its anatomy and its role in our wellbeing.
  • Benefits of a Healthy Gut
    • Understand what healthy means for each part of the gastrointestinal system.
  • Common Gut Symptoms and Conditions
    • Study common symptoms and gut disorders from bloating and constipation to irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut.
  • Measuring Your Gut Health
    • Learn how the gut microbiome is measured and understand functional markers.
  • Gut and Systemic Health
    • Consider how gut health impacts our physical and mental health, from immunity to skin conditions.
  • How to Improve Your Gut Health
    • Explore diet, superfoods, fasting, lifestyle factors, food sensitivities and natural therapies.
  • How to Change Your Microbiome
    • Learn which foods, probiotics and prebiotics to add to your diet to support gut health.
  • Supplements to Improve Gut Health
    • Learn the role of different dietary supplements and when and how to use them.

In this course, you’ll learn practical and evidence-based facts and nutrition skills that you can quickly and easily apply in your life.

Dive into our rich array of online resources, including videos, podcasts and interactive quizzes, and explore gut health in-depth and enhance your health.

Using our intuitive, industry-leading learning platform, you have the flexibility to study entirely online, in your own time and at your pace. Your learning is supported by an interactive Learning Journal, which you will download and use throughout the course. Remember, if you need it, learning support is one click away.

This course is designed and supported by experts and academics at the forefront of the industry and backed by Endeavour College of Natural Health’s higher education credentials.

Credly Badge

Completing this course rewards you with the following credly badge, which you can share on your socials!

Awardees are able to apply nutrition knowledge to personal food choices and dietary patterns, develop an understanding of the types of gut symptoms and conditions, identify dietary and lifestyle changes to improve gut health, identify and critique different supplements to assist gut health, understand gut microbiome mapping reports, explain the function, strains and food sources of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics and prepare nutritious meals to improve gut health.

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