COVID-19 updates and resources for Adelaide students

We understand that these ongoing changes are difficult to manage, however, the College will continue to align with all National and State Government directives in order to support the health and safety of the community. As we continue to adapt and plan together, we ask that all communication/interaction with staff remains respectful and in line with the Student Code of Conduct.

Endeavour College of Natural Health resources

Thank you for your adaptability and resilience during this time!

SA COVID-19 resources

Call the SA COVID-19 information hotline on 1800 253 787 (9am to 5pm, 7 days a week).

National resources

Student support

If you or your family are impacted by the current situation and are seeking professional support, we recommend that you reach out to the Student Assistance Program (SAP) on 1800 336 207 (24/7). This is a confidential counselling hotline for both personal and study-related problems, which is available exclusively for Endeavour students (free for a series of sessions).

Current protocols in place

Applicable across campus, practical spaces, clinics and student common areas.

  • For practical classes and all clinic sessions, face masks will become voluntary for students and clients. Students may use their own face mask if preferred
  • Clinics can continue treating children and accept clients who bring children with them
  • The maximum capacity/physical distancing requirements of that state must still be adhered to per room. If this capacity is exceeded, then PPE must be utilised
  • A maximum of four people per clinic consultation room is still in place and must be adhered to
  • The commencement of meetings in meeting rooms/ breakout spaces are permitted, adhering to state capacity rules
  • Common areas and kitchens remain open including the usage of fridges, microwaves and hot water.
  • Note: The sharing of utensils/milk/food/cups etc., and this will not be permitted

Procedures to remain in place

  • Maximum capacity (2m2) and physical distancing (1.5 metre).
  • Disinfecting protocols for all high touch areas.
  • Continuing with current COVID-19 Library processes with 72 hour quarantine for all loan books.
  • Use of Perspex Guards and floor distancing stickers.
  • Good hand hygiene and utilising provided hand sanitiser regularly.
  • Students must not attend campus if presenting with cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Clients will continue to be monitored by current COVID-19 greeting process (such as temperature checks).
  • Clinics can continue treating children and accept clients who bring children with them.
  • Regular daily cleaning carried out on campus including all high touch areas.
  • Lecturers and Clinic Supervisors to continue to ask the ‘start of session’ questions for every session to decrease the chances of students remaining on campus when presenting with cold or flu-like symptoms.

Read more on the use of medical face masks on the World Health Organization (WHO) website.