Latest updates for students

During these challenging times, please ensure that you have all the support that you and your family need and are being vigilant about your health and safety.

Due to the large volume of enquires, we would like to assure you that teams are working through these tickets and we thank you for your patience as we respond to your calls and emails with a core focus of supporting you at this time.

Additional Online Offerings - April to August

Updated 27 March 2020 at 11.46am (AEST)

We respect the impact these ever-changing circumstances have on your normal routines, and that there will be a number of changes and solutions being put in place to support you and your family at this time.

The College has reviewed and increased its online offerings across April through to June, with the aim to take a little bit of the pressure off as you manage and adapt to the changes brought about by COVID-19 at this time.

The following subjects have now been added online, and please connect with the student services team if you would like to change your enrolment to April or another online offering, if this supports your current circumstances.

The additional subjects now available are listed below for your convenience and available on the website > Current students > Re- enrolment and download pdf link here:


These subjects will be available on the student portal Friday morning. The student services or course progression teams are happy to help you with your subject enrolment.
Call: 1300 462 887 (ext.2)
Email: or

April Online

  • BIOB111 Chemistry and Bio Chemistry
  • BIOC211 Pathology and Clinical Science 1
  • BIOH122 Human Bio 2
  • BIOP211 Pharmacology
  • BIOS222 Pathology and Clinical Science 2 and 3
  • NATP121 Naturopathic Philosophy, Principles and Practice
  • SOCQ121 Foundations of Critical Enquiry

May Online

  • BIOH111 Human Bio 1
  • BIOH122 Human Bio 2
  • BIOP211 Pharmacology
  • BIOS222 Pathology and Clinical Science 2 and 3
  • BIOW311 Wellness Practices
  • NATP111 Naturopathic Philosophy (comp med)
  • NATP121 Naturopathic Philosophy, Principles and Practice
  • NMDM121 Medicinal Food Science
  • NMDS111 Sociology of food

June Online

  • BIOB111 Chemistry and Bio Chemistry
  • SOCM311 Mindfulness in Practice ( & November)

July Online

  • BIOC211 Pathology and Clinical Science 1
  • BIOH122 Human Bio 2
  • NATP121 Naturopathic Philosophy, Principles and Practice
  • SOCF111 Foundations of Communication and Counselling

August Online

  • NMDS122 Sociology of Food for Complementary Medicine
  • NEW - NMDH322 Community Public Health Nutrition –August

The SAP (Student Assistance Program) is available free of charge for all students call 1800 336 207 (24/7), this program offers confidential counselling for study related or personal problems and will support and help you navigate these changing times.

Please contact the above teams if they can be any support at this time and stay vigilant with your health, and we look forward to supporting you online over the coming months.

Thought for the day… this too will come to pass

Student wellbeing and meditation sessions

Be certain to also take the time that you need to look after yourself as this time and the College is currently arranging a series of student wellbeing and meditation sessions to support you at this time, please see the details below:

Library Support teams

The Virtual Librarian hours have been extended to cover from 8am-8am (AEDT) Monday-Friday.

EBSCO and ProQuest are providing unlimited simultaneous access to most e-books across a number of publishers, please connect with the Virtual Librarian for detail – this means a large number of our most popular e-books will now be freely available to all students through the library electronic holdings.

Graduations postponed

All students that are eligible to graduate have received notification today that graduation ceremonies have been postponed. We respect that this is disappointing, however your health, the heath of your family and friends is a priority during the evolving COVID-19 situation globally.

The College will continue to monitor this situation closely and we hope to be able to celebrate this milestone and significant achievement with you all at a later date.

The website will be updated with information as it comes to hand. For all enquires and FAQs please contact the teams at

Support teams

Support teams across the College are receiving a large volume of enquires and we are working on all ticket and phone enquiries, please allow a 36-72 hour response time as we answer your questions and support you at this time.

For student services support call 1300 462 887 (ext.2) or email

For support across departments log into the student portal or raise a ticket.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

This is a stressful time as what we have known is now the unknown. It is very important that you take the time you need to also take care of yourself at this time, the SAP is available 24/7 free of charge by calling 1800 336 207 and available for confidential counselling, please do reach out to this team if they can be of any support in helping support you and your family at this time.

In this unprecedented time, we thank you for your continued patience and ensure you that we are focused on answering all your enquires, supporting your questions and committed to working on solutions that support your present circumstances.

At the College, all teams are dedicated to ensuring that you can continue with your studies online and return to campus with minimal disruption and maximum flexibility to support the successful completion of your planned studies.

At this time please ensure that you have all the support that you, your family and friends need and be vigilant about your health and wellbeing.