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Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)


Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)

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Clinical nutritionists integrate traditional food wisdom and current scientific evidence to motivate individuals and communities to eat well and live healthier lives.

Clinical nutritionists approach disease prevention and management through a multidimensional lens. Nutrient adequacy, food quality, dietary behaviours and lifestyle are all assessed in order to develop individualised Nutrition Care Plans.

Students' nutritional studies are supported by a strong underpinning of biological and social sciences subjects. Nutrition studies broaden during the degree to include nutritional biochemistry, weight management, clinical nutrition, dietary planning, sports nutrition, nutritional physiology research and public health nutrition. These theories and concepts are put into practice through developing clinical skills and clinical experience in Endeavour's Wellnation Clinics.

Graduate Nutritionists may choose to enter clinical practice, either in private practice or in an integrative or other healthcare settings. Nutritionists are also entering industry based roles in areas such as product development, education, corporate health and nutraceutical sales and marketing. 

Download the participating health funds for Nutritionists (as provided by ATMS in their Health Fund Table).

Quality Lecturers

At Endeavour, you’ll be learning from some of the best Natural Health academics from Australia and the world.

Contact Hours

A Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine) requires 24 contact hours with an additional 20 hours of study per week (full time figures). Part time study options are also available.

Practitioner Training

With over 460 hours of student practitioner experience through Wellnation Clinics, Endeavour students are some of the most prepared in Australia to enter clinical practice.

Flexible Timetables

At Endeavour we understand you need a schedule that works with you. That’s why where possible we offer a wide availability of classes for any subject a student may be enrolled in, letting you create a timetable that works with your life.

Nutrition Events

For a complete list of upcoming Endeavour-hosted and supported events (including Open Days), please visit our events page.

Professional Associations

Graduates of the Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) may apply for membership with the following professional associations:

Note: Graduates are eligible to practise as a Nutritionist and seek membership with the professional associations listed above. This degree does not meet the professional accreditation requirements of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) for graduates to practice as an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD).

What to Expect

Health Science degrees are designed to train you to become a healthcare practitioner. To support learning, you'll attend practical classes where you are expected to practise interviewing techniques, examination and treatment procedures on your fellow students under the supervision of qualified instructors. This is conducted with respect for privacy, cultural and religious differences. Prospective students are advised to consider these course requirements and to gauge your own comfort level with both learning to touch others diagnostically/therapeutically and with serving as a model for your classmates in this learning environment.

Classes are taught by experts who are highly trained in their fields and who bring their own clinical experience to help provide context to therapeutic subjects. As you progress through the course you will gain significant clinical experience at Endeavour’s on campus teaching clinics under supervision, developing and honing all skills required to run a successful clinic after graduation, including patient assessment and management, patient recruitment and continuity of care, customer service and dispensary management.

Please be aware that some subjects in this course  have a 100% attendance requirement, and that these classes can only be missed for a very narrow number of reasons and must then be made up in order to fulfil the attendance requirement. This applies to all Clinical Practicum subjects, as well as other clinical subjects such as pre-clinical skills and clinic observation subjects. Students are responsible for knowing the attendance requirements for all subjects and for scheduling personal events to allow for adherence to the subject outline and the College’s Attendance Policy.

While some subjects require mid-term and final exams, assessments may also comprise quizzes, essays, practical/clinical skills demonstration and tutorial participation. Students enrolled in online subjects sit their final exam at Endeavour or, if they live at a distance, under approved external supervision.

Course Structure

View the subjects in the Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine), and click on the titles to view the full subject outline which includes detailed information about each subject.

Looking for timetable details?

Timetables vary for each semester depending on class selection and availability. Call us to talk about what your timetable might look like.

Advanced standing

Any student is able to enrol into a course of study at Endeavour without holding a previous tertiary qualification. However, if you have fully or partially completed a qualification with another provider (either at a Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training level), you may receive advanced standing towards an Endeavour degree via the Educational Pathways process.

Use our online Articulation Abacus to calculate possible credit towards an Endeavour degree based on your previous studies.

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Course Duration

3 years full time (24 contact hours per week)
6 years part time (12 contact hours per week)

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On Campus
Selected subjects available Online

Intake Dates

Semester 1: Feb 2018
Semester 2: Jul 2018
 - 2018 On Campus Study (National)
 - 2018 On Campus Study (Gold Coast)
Monthly online intakes for selected subjects:
 - 2018 Online Calendar

Fees and Payment Options

FEE-HELP is available to eligible students.
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Entry Requirements

Endeavour is a direct entry institution 
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Career Outcomes

Clinical Nutritionist, Diet and Lifestyle Counsellor
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