Natural Health Heroes: Growing a healthy family and a healthy business at the same time

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 3 August, 2021

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As Gina Ulrich’s family has expanded, so has her nutrition business. With four children ranging in age from baby to teenager, Gina manages the evolving dynamics of home and business by reminding herself to practice what she preaches.

“Life as a modern, working mum can get busy — but if you have a passion, you find a way to make it work,” Gina said. “My family is my priority, and so my business has to work around them. But I constantly remind myself that I need to be as healthy as I can be. That means not overdoing it and checking in with how my workload is impacting my health and that of my family’s.”

Since graduating from Endeavour with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine), Gina has not looked back. She started her practice, Nutrition by Gina Rose, and, until COVID-19, ran a busy clinic from the headquarters of a natural skincare company, Weleda. Now, she employs a team of natural health practitioners who do the majority of their consultations online.

“I always had loyal Australia and New Zealand clients, but COVID-19 helped legitimise online consultations, and we have quickly grown a global client base. Today, we help people from Ireland to the United States to Dubai. Most of them come to us through word of mouth or via social media,” Gina said.

“From the beginning, I have shared what’s happening in our family as well as how I can support other families, particularly women as they navigate pregnancy and raising children. I think it’s important to open up conversations about conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome or period pain and let women know there is something they can do. Helping women naturally extends to helping families.”

When Gina started talking in the media about topics like when to start feeding your baby solids, gut health and immunity, she realised there were not many mainstream child health options available. She created resources like 'Tiny Human – what do I feed you?' to provide nutrition-dense recipes for families to nourish children.

“One door has opened to the next, and it’s been a big adventure,” Gina said. “Now, we’re looking at a new product line. That comes with a lot of pressure, but ultimately, it’s the opportunity to help more families,” Gina said.

“There is a huge global movement towards preventative health, and this is driving demand for natural health services and products. Every week, people ask me about where to study natural health. I had such a beautiful experience at Endeavour as a mum that I always recommend the College to others.”

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