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Opening the door to natural health for future generations

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Thursday, 18 June 2020

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Tiffany (Fin) Mackenzie was no stranger to Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a teenager, she had experienced its benefits first-hand when it helped her hives disappear. But Fin’s family was in hospitality, and she only pursued a natural health career after moving to Australia.

“I travelled extensively, and while I was in Melbourne, I went to an iridology lecture. I was fascinated,” she said. “I kept travelling until I got to Perth, where I studied naturopathy, nutrition and remedial massage. I learnt iridology as part of the naturopathy course, and I use it as part of every consultation to give insight me into the person’s underlying health and tendencies.”

Before finishing her studies, Fin transferred to Sydney. “Nowadays, there are so many options for students, but when I graduated, you either went into practice or became a rep. I loved seeing clients, so I rented a room at a multidisciplinary clinic,” Fin said. “Two years later, I started a Bachelor of Health Science. After that, I did a specialised course in health marketing. It made me realise that I couldn’t implement what I wanted to when I was working in someone else’s space.”

“One day, I parked my car, looked up and saw a ‘for lease’ sign on an empty shop window,” Fin said. “The rent was low, and that’s when Green Door Health was born!” Fin set up and managed the multidisciplinary clinic with up to 10 practitioners sharing the space. However, at the end of a six-year lease and after the ups and downs of business, Fin decided she wanted to start anew.

As a solo practitioner, she had already had a niche in children’s health. After the changes to health fund rebates, she decided to open a clinic and herbal apothecary on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to offer clients a new alternative to long consultations. During COVID-19, the business was closed for in-clinic consultations, but Fin kept her walk-in dispensary open. “People loved popping in for a quick chat from the door while I make up a herbal remedy tailored for them,” Fin said.

As well as running her business, Fin is a supervisor and lecturer at Endeavour – a job she loves. “I enjoy being at Endeavour because the quality of education is high and I love teaching,” Fin said. “I really like supervising students in the student clinic, sharing my knowledge and watching them develop their skills and confidence. Other universities do not have this practical aspect to their degree.”

“When students ask me for advice, I always tell them to think about how they impact the future of natural health,” Fin said. “The degree is a lot of work, but if you commit to your passion, you’ll get through. Traditionally, when you graduate, you’d become an apprentice to a more experienced practitioner, but this no longer happens, and students miss that guidance. I mentor some students. For them, it’s a good avenue to get support when they’re first going into practice. For me, it’s an opportunity to keep learning and contributing to the profession I love.”

Natural Leaders

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