Most popular interviews with Endeavour student and alumni in 2021

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 27 December, 2021

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Every week, we share articles about natural health on our blog. We interview our students and our alumni about what it is that drew them to natural health, we interview our amazing and passionate natural health educators, and we give our community the opportunity to share their own perspectives on natural health topics.

To celebrate all the thought-provoking interviews we have published in 2021, we identified the top five and captured them below. Happy reading!

#5 Future of Wellness: Successfully studying acupuncture in your second language


From owning two businesses in Bali to living in Singapore with her husband, current Acupuncture student Floriane Fonzes' life has been full of adventure and excitement. Now, Floriane is successfully studying her Bachelor degree in her second language! Read her story.

#4 Future of Wellness: A career choice that shifted the emphasis from looking good to feeling good


Following Laura Stevens’ diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome, she was shocked to learn that the only treatment her GP could offer her was the contraceptive pill. This sparked Laura’s interest in natural health and the many treatments it can offer. Now, Laura is studying Naturopathy and also hopes to complete a medicine degree once she’s graduated to become an integrative doctor. Read her story.

#3 Natural Health Heroes: Absorbing yourself in naturopathy study to get the most out of life

Tristan Carter_2000x1333.jpg

Tristan Carter is one of our Naturopathy graduates who pursued a career change in his mid-30s after realising he wasn’t enjoying working in business administration anymore. In his second year, Tristan was successful in applying for the previously offered Summer Student Research Program. This gave him the unique opportunity to work with Australian and American researchers to publish an analysis of available treatments for functional gastrointestinal disorders. Read his story.

#2 Future of Wellness: Keeping your creative heart and career close to nature

Briana Surkitt_2000x1333.jpg

We interviewed Naturopath student Briana Surkitt this year about what drew her to Natural Health. Briana came to Endeavour College straight out of high school having grown up on a farm in rural Victoria, and loved the advantages of being able to study online for the first few years of her degree. Now, Briana is working on her own line of tea and all-natural beauty products. Read her story.

#1 Natural Health Heroes: Gaining a new perspective about the power of natural healing

bec harwood.jpg

Our top article from 2021 was an interview we did with Naturopath alumna Bec Harwood! Bec has come from a background in events, but her ongoing health conditions inspired her to pursue a more holistic career path. Through her studies, Bec was able to significantly improve her own quality of life and knew that this was her newfound purpose. Now, Bec is also enjoying motherhood after the birth of her first child. Read her story.

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