Future of Wellness: Keeping your creative heart and career close to nature

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 4 March, 2021

During bike training, Briana Surkitt flew over her handlebars and face-first onto the road. The accident put an abrupt stop to triathlons and dancing. During her recovery from the accident, Briana discovered yoga. The philosophy of yoga and its grounding in Ayurveda led her to explore a natural health career.

Originally from near Warrnambool at the end of the Great Ocean Road, Briana decided to study naturopathy after school. “As a teenager, I saw a naturopath for a skin condition, and I was amazed at the detailed questions she asked and at how everything was related. I grew up on a farm and was close to nature, so I wanted to incorporate that into my career too.”

Briana did some research online and attended an Endeavour Open Day in Melbourne. “The atmosphere was friendly and fun, and I loved the different stalls displaying natural products,“ Briana said. “I knew I wanted to study there. When I went to Orientation Week, I didn’t know anyone, but it was so easy to meet people because the classes are small.”

“Naturopathy study is challenging, but its philosophy resonates strongly with me. And if you’re committed to what you’re learning, you enjoy it,” Briana said. “I have loved learning about herbs, gut health, energy levels and fatigue management. I have a strong creative side, and botany manufacturing also appeals to me.”

Briana loves to blend teas, share her healthy recipes and she’s working on a range of all-natural beauty products, such as lip balms and face creams. “I started talking about my ideas and the products evolved from there. Thankfully, I have good friends who are happy to try them and give me honest feedback.”

“Naturopathy is becoming more well known, but the cost of consultations is still a barrier for some people. I’d like to make it more accessible by sharing small products, like tea and lip balm, which show people the benefits in a small way. Hopefully, that will help them understand the investment in their health is worth it.”

Briana is now in her third year of full-time study. She’s also back at home in Warrnambool because of COVID-19. “Thankfully, Endeavour has made it easier to study from anywhere because most of the course is now online. I’ll have to decide where to live or if I commute when I practise in the student clinic, but for now, it works well.”

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