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A career choice that shifted the emphasis from looking good to feeling good

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Thursday, 25 November 2021

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In the 2000s growing up, Laura Stevens was surrounded by health messages that said: look good, and you’ll feel good. But after Laura sought a naturopath’s help for a health condition, her mindset shifted to prioritise feeling good.

“My previous career path exacerbated the emphasis on looking good,” Laura said. “I moved from Melbourne to Los Angeles to pursue acting, and there was pressure to look a certain way. Although I loved acting, I fell out of it over the years while focusing on other things, like my health. When I returned home, I worked in hospitality for a few years to save money for travel adventures.

“In 2018, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome,” Laura said. “The GP said my only option was to take the contraceptive pill, which I didn’t want to do. So, I started to see a naturopath. I thought the symptoms I experienced were normal, but with my naturopath’s help, they are not nearly as bad.”

Laura’s experience with PCOS inspired her to study naturopathy herself. “I had been accepted into another school when I discovered Endeavour on social media and decided to go to an Open Day. After that, I changed to Endeavour.”

Laura only spent a few weeks on campus before COVID-19 moved lessons online. “It’s given me a lot of flexibility to study when it suits my lifestyle. There’s no doubt I’m also looking forward to getting on campus and making friends in person with my colleagues. In the meantime, Instagram has become our way of connecting.”

When Laura started her naturopathy studies, she wanted to work in a clinic and study Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now, she’s planning to get into medicine. One day, Laura would love to combine her degrees to become an integrative doctor and focus on women’s health and their relationship with food and lifestyle. To achieve her dream, she’s keeping her GPA high.

“This is a big degree. There’s a lot of science, more than I expected. I hated science in high school, but I enjoy it at Endeavour,” Laura said. “I think acting has helped me succeed in my naturopathy degree because I worked hard in acting to improve my memory in order to remember lines. I apply the same techniques to my studies.”

Now in her second year of naturopathy, Laura works as a part-time manager at Mecca. It's a natural fit with her degree, given the herbs and vitamins used in skin care products. She also loves sharing her knowledge, recipes and experience via Instagram.

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