Natural Health Heroes: Gaining new perspective about the power of natural healing

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 8 July, 2021

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Rebecca (Bec) Harwood lived the fast-paced lifestyle of events but knew she couldn’t stay in it. When she moved from Tasmania to South Australia, she came across Endeavour and leapt into full-time study. That decision propelled her into a new career and personal wellbeing.

“Endeavour was life-changing for me. For most of my life, I had lived with a serious respiratory condition, which the doctors predominantly treated with strong antibiotics that had horrendous side effects,” Bec said. “I started the course in a completely different mindset, and until my third year, I still didn’t fully believe that natural medicine could help me. But it did, and that made me question everything about how we traditionally treat illness. Rather than treating the symptoms, why don’t we question the whole picture of health more?”

While she was at Endeavour, Bec got very sick. “I would come to class hooked up to an IV drip (hidden under my sleeve) with antibiotics that I carried around in my pocket. I told the teachers, and, with their help and guidance, I started to work on my health,” Bec said. “I will always be thankful to them for their kindness and generosity in sharing their knowledge and experience. They kept me going and wanting to learn more. They really make the College what it is.”

“I started to see a team of natural practitioners and wean myself off conventional medicine. I remember one of them said to me, ‘if you do everything as you’re instructed, you will be healed.’ It’s now been four years since I had a course of antibiotics or a pharmaceutical drug. My lung specialist was so surprised at the outcome. The experience gave me a new sense of perspective. I realised how powerful a 100 per cent commitment to natural health is.”

In 2019, Bec finished her Bachelor of Health Science and started working at the Frisbee Health and Chiropractic clinic as a Naturopath. Her business is Mother Nature Heals, signalling the importance of our connection to nature in healing. Bec works alongside chiropractors, Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncturists and other natural health practitioners, taking a holistic approach in treating clients.

“I love seeing patients, and when they come in and say, ‘you’ve changed my life,’ I get emotional every time. That was my experience with natural health too, and it’s so rewarding to pass this on. Healing brings such peace. Everyone and the planet need that,” Bec said.

“One day, I’d like to do further study, research or a clinical trial related to treating and managing respiratory conditions with complementary medicines. From my experience, I understand the Western model is lacking, and as a society, we need to invest in learning about how to integrate Western and complementary medicine.”

Bec is now expecting her first child. “With everything I learnt at Endeavour, pregnancy is a wonderful journey, and I can’t wait to raise a child connected to nature and holistic healing.”

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