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Finding a purposeful career she is immensely proud of

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Monday, 25 September 2023

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Even as a healthy yogi in the United Kingdom, Camilla Brinkworth didn’t know naturopathy existed as a career until she travelled overseas. Now, she’s a Sydney-based naturopath about to bring a new, ultra-sustainable omega oil to the Australian market.

“The more I learnt about naturopathy, the more I realised I’ve always been drawn to it,” Camilla said. “I remember, as a young child in Cambridge, I created herbal concoctions for my younger sister to see if she could see unicorns. Thankfully, back then, my mother intervened!”

As Camilla grew up, she gravitated towards a healthier way of eating and living but didn’t consider a health career, despite her grandma saying she hoped she’d become a doctor. When Camilla came to Australia on a working holiday visa, Camilla discovered the growing natural health industry here.

“I was thinking about studying dietetics when a friend pointed out Endeavour’s degrees,” she said. “Naturopathy sang to me, so I enrolled at the Sydney campus. I was 26 and had been out of school for a long time, but I thoroughly enjoyed my studies.”

“My naturopathy degree was life-changing. Many people in the UK are fixated on financial success, not purpose. I didn’t see the need for a purposeful career, until I started naturopathy.

“The Endeavour lecturers were deeply inspiring. I didn’t have natural health role models before them. They have great passion and knowledge. I saw people with such integrity and intelligence, and it made me confident naturopathy was a profession I could pursue and be proud of.”

Camilla graduated in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. She moved to the outskirts of Byron Bay and opened a small in-person clinic but worked mainly online. As a vegan deeply committed to sustainable living, Camilla was in conversation with her now business partner when they realised they had an opportunity to bring something completely new to Australia.

“Combining my naturopathy knowledge with his ethical entrepreneurship skills, we started negotiations to bring Ahiflower to Australia. Ahiflower (Buglossoides arvensis seed oil) is a regeneratively grown, plant-based Omega oil – a niche, a non-fish, perfectly balanced Omega.”

It’s taken several years and many long days, but Camilla and her business partner now have TGA approval and can start manufacturing here.

“Ahiflower is an incredible ingredient, and I can’t wait to educate as many people as possible about its outstanding potential for human and canine health and our planet,” Camilla said. “I’m deeply passionate about this business and so fulfilled by what I’m doing that it doesn’t feel like work.”

Camilla is also grateful for her Endeavour education. “I wouldn’t be here now doing what I am without my naturopathy degree,” she said.

“It gave me the skills to critically evaluate health science literature and understand how to address the questions that practitioners and consumers have about supplements. More importantly, it enabled me to identify and believe in this ingredient so much that I’m prepared to give it my all.”

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