The benefits of a routine (and how to find one)

Written by Lexi Crouch | 29 April, 2020

Setting a routine

During these times, we are noticing more than ever the importance of routine and keeping ourselves accountable. Times we were once used to are changing this year with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are going through a HUGE adjustment period and while this has come with uneasy and sad feelings, it has also created space for many to have a look at lifestyle and make adjustments for the better.

Many can relate to the feeling of “being busy” overwhelmed and frankly, just not having enough time in the last few years. The life of a student can particularly relate to this and often, however good our intentions, wellbeing is often placed on the backburner. So, with this in mind, perhaps now is the time to start looking at a way to implement a routine to keep us at our best.

Something I have personally come to find is the importance of routine and structure to be able to live and feel well and achieve personal peace. I know it sounds bizarre by thinking that peace and feeling good can be obtained by routine, however, give it a shot and you will be amazed at how it makes you feel. The benefits of having a routine in regards to health go beyond just physical benefits but mentally as well and as we know when both our physical and mental health are addressed, we are in balance. Here are some tips to help create a routine:

Start the day with something that is going to benefit you

It can be easy to reach for the phone, press snooze, stay in bed, scroll through social media and realise time has passed quickly in a half-awake start to spike cortisol levels and fly out the door. However, is this going to make you feel good throughout the day when you are trying to catch up on yourself? We lead very demanding lives in this day and age with technology at our fingertips, and so taking time to ourselves might just not happen if we don’t schedule it in. Setting the alarm even 15 minutes early for yoga, exercise, meditation, journaling, sitting down to sip on a cup of tea or anything that brings you into yourself is going to keep you healthy and at your best due to lowering stress. By taking the time, it will actually give you time!


Start small

Completely changing your lifestyle and bringing in many changes too quickly will not last. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle and keeping to a routine is for the long haul and will only be achievable if it's something you can maintain. It is recommended to start by making small changes such as waking up earlier or sticking to a set bedtime, implementing small exercise timeframes and increasing water intake by one to two glasses instead of adding litres right away.

Write it down and schedule it

Sometimes visually seeing what needs to be done and writing it down best helps us create and keep a routine. This includes times of the day where we might need to do something such as stop and eat lunch. In modern-day culture, it can be easy to keep working or studying through lunch so much that the afternoon is upon us and we missed a time to keep our brain and bodies nourished. We might feel like we were achieving something, but in the long run, this will only lead to unhealthy food choices by blood sugar dysregulation and bringing on fatigue – try submitting your best work then (handy hint, it doesn’t go so well!). So, by writing out our day and sticking to times, perhaps even setting an alarm, this is going to help us achieve what we would like to and keep us healthy and our mood happy.

Make time to switch off

This will benefit you in the long run by assisting with better sleep, lowered stress levels and it will help your brain to work better. By removing the stimulation before bed, it will in turn reboot you and refresh you overnight. If you think about “switching off to switch on”, it will keep you at your best during the day to best follow a routine, meaning you are less inclined to reach for the snooze button as having a well-rested sleep is essential for good health and vitality.

By implementing small changes slowly and acknowledging areas in life we would like to improve or perhaps know we might feel better health-wise by making some adjustment, you are already actively on the path to creating a routine and lifestyle that best serves to benefit you and your overall health.

Lexi Crouch

Lexi is in her final year of study of Nutrition at Endeavour and her zest for study arises from her own background navigating her health journey and wanting to help others feel as good as she does. Outside of study, Lexi works in the field of Eating Disorders, practices and teaches yoga, is a bum and follows her health path.

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