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A natural career choice influenced by two important women

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 27 September 2023

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Growing up on the South Australian coast, Miranda Lind was always interested in living a healthy lifestyle – getting involved in surf lifesaving and eating homegrown foods. But a big influence on Miranda’s preference for natural health came from her mother’s cancer journey.

“My Mum saw a naturopath to support her during her treatment,” Miranda said. “But it didn’t click that it was a possible career choice until years later when my mother-in-law asked me, ‘Why don’t you become a naturopath?’ I went to an Endeavour Open Day and discovered that naturopathy was a perfect career for me.”

“I enrolled and started studying a few online subjects before doing the rest of the degree on campus. I was living out of home, working in health food cafes while I studied, so Endeavour’s flexibility with choosing subjects was great. The degree took me six years as I studied part-time for a few semesters.”

Miranda said a few subjects were challenging, but having passion helped.

“I focused on not fretting about the small things because once I knew once I got to the student clinic seeing patients, all the knowledge we had learnt would come together,” she said. “Having Endeavour Wellness Clinic on campus is an incredible advantage and not one many other universities offer. We were able to see new patients in an encouraging environment with our peers and amazing supervisors.”

Straight after her degree, Miranda embarked on a three-month internship with Bioceuticals in Sydney. “The internship was a big leap into the industry. While it was hard work, it inspired me to set the bar higher for my career.

“We learnt to develop a product, considering all aspects, including TGA regulations, marketing, financial margins, and creating a formula.”

“The internship allowed me to explore other options in the industry, which I was very grateful for,” Miranda said. “Once I finished, I knew that I wanted to practice.

Miranda rented a house in the heart of Adelaide with a beautiful clinic space and quickly built up a strong client base for her business, Botanic Ave. Her passion for women’s health and gut health evolved from this time.

“When I started seeing clients in the clinic, I realised the impact of improving the gut microbiome on all aspects of my client’s health,” she said.

“Naturopathy is such rewarding work, especially when you see someone who has been struggling with their health for years, and you’re able to piece it all together for them and get them on the path to feeling their best,” Miranda said. “This is a huge part of what drives me to continue learning from the experts in our field.”

After four years of building Botanic Ave, Miranda has built a strong reputation with a committed client base. She closed her books to new clients and is onboarding a new naturopath.

“Bringing in another naturopath is an exciting step as my goal is to build my business with an incredible team of practitioners,” she said. “For now, my priority is to look after my existing clients and continue learning as much as possible. To be the best practitioner you can be, you never stop learning!”

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