Meredith East-Powellhealingyogi

Zucchini Fritter Recipe - Low FODMAP & suitable for a SIBO Diet

These crispy fritters make a beautiful light meal; serve with a poached egg for breakfast or with a salad for…

Hollie Kemptonpowered_by_vegies

Plant-based Mango Curry

 A great way to use up your stash of juicy mangos is to make this quick veggie Mango Curry, it's…

Hayley Richardsrawkarma

Raw Peanut Butter and Jelly slice

This recipe was originally published in Hayley's eBook, Raw Karma Stripped. Stripped is available on and contains 30+ raw…

Nina Gelbkenaturally_nina_

Turmeric Latte Bliss Balls

Packed with warming and healing anti-inflammatory spices, these flavour-packed bliss balls make the perfect snack for when you need a…

Alyce Ciminoahara_health

Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Cookies

When we think of healing we often go straight to the physical; healing our bones, our skin, our digestive system…

Chelsey Costachels_costa

Prebiotic Coconut Satay Curry

Naturopaths will often look to the gut when determining the origin of many types of disease. Prebiotics by definition is…

Jessica Nealherbal_gal

Quick and Easy Immunity Gummies Recipe

Autumn is approaching and the change of season can sometimes be a challenge to our health. Give your immune system…

Georgia BarnesGeorgiaBarnesAU

Savoury turned sweet with this Summer Swushi recipe

Use all your favourite Summer fruits to imitate sushi ingredients, like watermelon for ‘tuna’, honeydew melon for ‘cucumber’, these sweet swushi rolls…

Tarnea O’Meara@tarneaomeara

A Summer smoothie bowl recipe to beat the heat

Who doesn't love a smoothie bowl during Summer? With so many combos and flavours to experiment with, this one sneaks…

Georgia BarnesGeorgiaBarnesAU

Hibiscus and Rose Water Kombucha Jelly

This beautiful Hibiscus and Rose Water Kombucha Jelly recipe was created by the very talented Endeavour Alumni, Georgia Barnes. Containing gut-friendly kombucha,…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

A no-bake poached pear dessert that takes the cake

This nourishing No-Bake Poached Pear Flan with lime cream contains ‘good carbs’ that will keep you strong, boost your energy…

Hayley Richardsrawkarma

The perfect low sugar chocolaty treat: ‘Notella’ mousse tarts

These raw vegan tarts created by nutritionist Hayley Richards are a great healthy dessert option free of refined sugars and…

Meg Thompsonmywholefoodromance

Summer salad featuring the world’s #1 powerhouse vegetable

When a major US study found watercress achieved a perfect nutritional score of 100, we asked naturopath and Endeavour graduate…

Hayley Richardsrawkarma

The ultimate vegan nice cream sundae

An ice cream sundae topped with brownies – does a more comforting dessert exist? Hayley Richards shares with us her…

Clare Holbertonanourishingnook

Once you try this DIY Vegemite Recipe you’ll never go back

Why mess with a classic? Well, in this case there are plenty of reasons. Nutrition student Clare Holberton shares her…

Bridget Backhousehealthy.wholefoods

How to make homemade Milo packed with nutrients

Naturopathy student Bridget Backhouse shares her rocking recipe for a healthier Milo alternative you can easily whizz up at home.

Caitlin Rooneyradiant_and_nourished

The right way to enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries

Nutritionist Caitlin Rooney turns a classic dessert on its head with her wholefoods version of chocolate covered strawberries.

Amber Fesseythewholesomebody

Nut butter balls you will not want to share

A simple but super yum nut ball recipe from Endeavour Nutritional Medicine graduate Amber Fessey.

Alyce Ciminoahara_health

Chocolate dipped ice cream minus the dairy

Nothing says summer more than ice cream. Enjoy this version from Naturopath Alyce Cimino that's gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free,…

Rebecca Nealefoodfitnesswellness

Forget a white Christmas, let’s make it a green one!

This raw cacao and matcha snow log is gluten-free, vegan and paleo-friendly - and perfect for the festive season.

Cassandra Lawgreen_brick_road_health

You have our permission to indulge in these ‘do-nuts’

These ganache glazed ‘do-nuts’ are special raw treaties made with nutrient-dense cashews and almonds and coated with a rich cacao…

Vicki Meintjesanygivensundayjournal

Kimchee and tofu frittata with apple and sesame slaw

This Korean-inspired frittata is a taste sensation and great for the brain, gut, bones and heart.

Alyse Co-cliffanappleaday_nutrition

Perfect for winter: Roast pumpkin soup with a twist

This delicious winter dish by Alyse Co-cliff takes the traditional roast pumpkin soup to another level by pairing it with…

Tawny Reeshealthy_paleo_lifestyle

A Paleo take on banana pancakes

This ‘clean’ version of banana pancakes is made using coconut and LSA in place of flour, and is partnered with…