Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

Alyce Cimino shares the endless gift of a natural health career

As a child, Alyce Cimino loved following her father through Sydney’s Flemington Markets with a trolley, helping with the fruit…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

How a natural health internship crystallised Christine’s career path

In the last year of her Naturopathy degree, Christine Lennon dreaded the question, “What are you going to do when…

Tia Mierstiamiers

A Naturopath’s Guide to Reducing PMS

Did you know that PMS affects approximately 75% of women? The severity and management of symptoms differ significantly for every…

Alexandra McPheelexie_naturopath

Lion’s Mane mushroom – a superfood for the nervous system?

Anyone initiated into the world of health and cooking will know that the array of culinary delights available in the…

Roberta Nelsonnaturomedico

Is the Hawaiian poke bowl the wellness industry’s answer to fast food?

Move over acai bowls, there’s a new guy in town and he’s come all the way from Hawaii. Introducing the…

Meg Thompsonmywholefoodromance

Four underrated star foods for gut health

With gut health still up there as one of the hottest health topics today, we asked naturopath Meg Thompson to…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

Naturopath shares lessons from happiest place on Earth

When budding naturopath Samantha Bennett was selected as one of 20 young social change makers as an ambassador for a…

Georgina McCormackcancerat22

How my cancer journey shaped the naturopath I’m becoming

Georgina McCormack shares how her journey fighting blood cancer strengthened her passion for holistic health and gave her insights into…

Andy McLintockandy_mclintock

Our future as naturopaths on a holistic level: A student’s perspective

As students settle in to their study semester, naturopathy student Andy McLintock shares his thoughts on the future of naturopathy…

Cathy Vanzandenauthentic.wisdom

A naturopath’s perspective on depression

We all have days when we’re feeling a bit down, sad or not in the mood to be social. However,…

Cathy Vanzandenauthentic.wisdom

Using food as medicine to ease symptoms of menopause

While some women sail through menopause, others experience a range of challenging symptoms during this period of their lives. Naturopath…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

Injecting complementary therapies training into the hospital system

Naturopath Anita Pierantozzi built on her degree with two postgraduate qualifications that helped her enter the conventional medicine industry, landing…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

How my tea range made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week

Naturopathy student Kate Dalton reveals the story behind how her herbal tea range was handpicked to feature at one of…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

Kate Reardon shares love letter with the world

Naturopath Kate Reardon’s first book ‘The Essential Cleanse’ is helping countless people overhaul their lives, and has even attracted a…

Cathy Vanzandenauthentic.wisdom

A naturopath’s guide to help manage anxiety naturally

Naturopath Cathy Vanzanden shares simple steps that can help manage the most common mental health condition experienced in Australia.

Meg Thompsonmywholefoodromance

Toast’s up: A naturopath’s 5 favourite commercial breads

Author and renowned naturopath Meg Thompson shares her top picks of the commercial breads currently on the market.

Cathy Vanzandenauthentic.wisdom

10 ways to supercharge your immune system this winter

Naturopath Cathy Vanzanden shares her tips to help you support your immune health and enjoy the winter months without battling…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

Sydney naturopath embarks on aid trip of a lifetime

When it came to returning from work after maternity leave, naturopath Kathleen Murphy set herself the brave task of travelling…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

How crowdfunding helped me launch my social enterprise

Social entrepreneur and naturopathy student Emily-Rose Pumfrey shares what she learned from running a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds…

Kate Reardonnaturalinstincthealing

How motherhood changed my business

How naturopath and natural health visionary Kate Reardon tapped into a new force after the birth of her daughter to…

Amy Sumnerherbie_43

How I struck business gold combining naturopathy and beauty

Naturopath Amy Sumner carved her own business niche by combining her two greatest passions – natural medicine and eco-friendly beauty…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

Natural medicine renegade shifts focus from ‘sick care’ to health care

Naturopath Katherine Maslen’s quest to promote the importance of preventative healthcare has seen her build one of Australia’s most successful…

Endeavour College of Natural Healthendeavourcollege

Naturopath offers new beginnings to women of Nepal

A chance meeting with a waiter in Nepal led to a chain of events which would forever change the life…

Make your own medicines: Five herbs everyone should be growing

Naturopath Reece Carter share tips on growing a therapeutic garden, choosing herbs that have multiple medicinal actions.