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Communication Skills: cultivating collaboration and inclusion

How well we communicate impacts our whole lives. Optimise your communication skills, identify and address your biases and develop a growth mindset. Discover how well you can listen, upskill in communicating in a virtual world and resolve conflict. Learn the strategies and skills to create happier and healthier relationships at work and in life.

  • 20+ hours of content
  • 12 months of access to material
  • 100% delivered online
  • 0 prerequisites

What you'll take away from this course

Your elevator pitch
Enhanced communication skills
Equity, diversity and inclusion knowledge
A growth mindset
Tools to manage and resolve conflict

In this short course, you’ll cover six core topics. You’ll explore the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion before confronting your own biases and how to address them. Learn how to model inclusive behaviours and language in the workplace and develop resilience. You’ll understand how to communicate across generations and for culture, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the LGBTIQ+ community, gender equity and all abilities.

Continuing education

Completing this course can contribute to your continuing professional development with the following organisation(s).

Topics Include

  • The Impact of Exclusion, Prejudice and Stereotypes
    • Define racism and discrimination and how to address stereotypes.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Explore Australia’s cultural diversity and how to support equity at work.
  • Confronting Bias and Learning About Others
    • Develop your social and emotional learning to build positive relationships at work.
  • Positive and Healthy Work Environments
    • Identify personal and professional boundaries and wellness at work.
  • Professional Communication and Engagement
    • Enhance your communication skills, empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • Social Inclusion and Connectedness
    • Consider how social inclusion impacts your life and how to be more inclusive.

During this course, you’ll learn practical and evidence-based facts and gain communication skills that you can quickly and easily apply at work and in your life.

Dive into our rich array of online resources, including videos, podcasts and interactive quizzes, and, before you know it, you’ll be engaging professionally and positively at work and in life.

Using our intuitive, industry-leading learning platform, you have the flexibility to study entirely online, in your own time and at your pace. Your learning is supported by an interactive Learning Journal, which you will download and use throughout the course. Remember, if you need it, learning support is one click away.

This course is designed and supported by experts and instructors at the forefront of the industry and backed by Endeavour College of Natural Health’s higher education credentials.

Credly Badge

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Awardees are able to enhance their communications skills, deepen knowledge around equity, diversity and inclusion, explore growth mindset, and use tools to manage and resolve conflict

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