COVID-19 updates and resources for Sydney students

We understand that these ongoing changes are difficult to manage, however, the College will continue to align with all National and State Government directives in order to support the health and safety of the community. As we continue to adapt and plan together, we ask that all communication/interaction with staff remains respectful and in line with the Student Code of Conduct.

Thank you for your adaptability and resilience during this time!

Latest Updates

Updated: Monday 23 August 2021

Sydney Campus will remain closed until further notice

Based on the recent State Government announcement, the current lockdown has been extended until 30 September 2021. As such, the Sydney Campus will remain closed until a government directive allows us to re-open. No students are permitted on campus during this time and no classes will be held on campus. All access will be locked and the library will be closed.

All students will continue to be supported by staff across this period.

Refer to the latest NSW State Government updates for further information.

Additional College updates:

  • Livestreaming class schedules will continue as normal.
  • Online subject offerings will continue as normal. Online calendar here.
  • All on-campus classes except for BIOE221, HMCL211, HMCL222 HMCL312 units have been cancelled.
  • BIOE221 will continue to livestream and on-campus practical classes will be scheduled in Summer School.
  • HMCL211 will continue to livestream for the duration of the semester and a practical exam will be scheduled when we are able to be back on campus.
  • HMCL222 will livestream for weeks 1-6 with the remaining practical component planned for Summer School.
  • HMCL312 will livestream for weeks 1-10 with the remaining practical component planned for Summer School.
  • VET Massage and Diploma Courses have been rescheduled in Term 4. If the Campus does not reopen, VET students will start their studies in Term 1 2022.

Clinic update:

  • CB3 Naturopathy, CB3 Nutrition and CB3 Homoeopathy current virtual clinic schedules are in place with planning to move to a telehealth clinic.
  • CB3 Acupuncture and Myotherapy Clinics have been cancelled with no fees charged for this enrolment. More information on this has been communicated via email and Student Portal.
  • CB4 Naturopathy, CB4 Nutrition and CB4 Homeopathy telehealth to occur with all enrolments taking place and if we return to campus in 2021, the block will move back to campus for face-to-face learning.
  • VET Massage Clinics. If the campus does not reopen by VET Term 4/21, VET students will complete their studies in Term 1 2022.

Student support

If you or your family are impacted by the current situation and are seeking professional support, we recommend that you reach out to the Student Assistance Program (SAP) on 1800 336 207 (24/7). This is a confidential counselling hotline for both personal and study-related problems, which is available exclusively for Endeavour students (free for a series of sessions). For more information, visit our student support and resources page.