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Access and Equity Program

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Endeavour College of Natural Health is committed to creating a flexible and caring learning environment for all students to participate fairly and equally in their study.

The College values and supports all members of the community regardless of disability or special needs. Endeavour expects all members of its community to support and assist all other members irrespective of individual differences. The Access and Equity Program (AEP) exists to enable the equal participation of every student, focusing on increasing social inclusion and advocating for individual student’s rights.

The Program supports students with a disability, mental health or medical condition, and students requesting any Special Adjustments as a result of this. The program enables all students to participate fully and equally in College life at Endeavour. We aim to provide educational opportunities through academic support, structured learning plans, accessible facilities, and adjusted teaching and assessment practices where reasonably possible.

The fundamental principle behind the program is focusing on the needs of the student, as the students registered within the AEP know the truth of their own situation better than anyone. Inherent in the AEP is the focus on responsibility—both of the student and that of the College and how this partnership can be of the most benefit to each other.

The Access and Equity Handbook contains all information regarding the College's Access and Equity Program, including how the Program can assist students, what your rights and responsibilities are, relevant legislation as it applies to your education and much more.

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Contact Details

Students who are interested in registering for the Access and Equity Program, or are interested in knowing more, are invited to discuss their circumstances with the National Student Affairs Manager. If, during the course of your studies, you are injured or suffer an ongoing medical condition that impacts on your studies, you should also contact us for services and advice.

Phone: 1300 462 887 (option 2)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Access and Equity Program?

Endeavour’s Access and Equity Program is designed to assist students with a disability, mental health or medical condition, students who identify as having English as a Second Language (ESL) or students who need additional support in order to participate fairly and equally in their studies at Endeavour.

Am I eligible for the Program?

All enrolled Endeavour students who identify with having special needs are eligible for the program. Specifically, students with a disability, mental health or medical condition will need to provide the relevant documentation from a specialist health practitioner that supports their application. Students who identify as having a language barrier or any other need for special adjustment are also welcomed.

Does signing up to the Access and Equity Program cost anything?

No, the Access and Equity Program is a free service.

How can the Program assist me studying with a disability?

Endeavour can assist students in many ways, and can tailor a plan that enables students to equally participate in academic and College life. This can include, but is not limited to, academic support, structured learning plans, adjustments to facilities and adjusted teaching and assessment practices. It does not, however, compromise academic standards.

How do I apply for the Program?

You can connect with the Access and Equity team via or submit your application via the Student Portal.

I am an online / part-time student. Am I still eligible?

All students are eligible, regardless of mode of study.

Can Endeavour provide me with exam or assessment extensions?

Students in the Access and Equity Program will receive a personalised Reasonable Adjustment Plan (RAP) which lists the academic, social and physical adjustments which can be made to support the student. Assessment extensions can be included as a reasonable adjustment when requested by a qualified medical professional, otherwise normal College policies and procedures will apply. Adjustments to assessments can also be made in advance through liaison with your Access and Equity Officer, providing they are reasonable.

If I apply for the Program, is any information I provide confidential?

All information provided to the College is treated with the strictest confidentiality. Your information is only able to be passed on to a third party with the students express permission, and documents relating to your agreed adjustments with the College are not circulated to all staff and do not contain sensitive or confidential information.