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Digital Learning

Endeavour College of Natural Health offers an optimised digital learning space for our theory classes. We are dedicated to providing quality education for our students and producing the best natural health experts in Australia. Our clinical and practical subjects will always be held on campus and live-streamed.

Our enhanced digital learning application features live streamed lectures, interactive resources, videos, social and discussion capabilities, all in one familiar place – your existing Learning Management System (Moodle).

Following a rigorous learner-centered design process our new digital learning environment offers:

  • Personalised and adaptive learning
  • Immersive digital learning tools
  • The ability to communicate with your lecturers and classmates
  • Diverse learning modules including videos, interactive tutorials, forums, quizzes and journals
  • A visually rich and seamless user experience
  • Industry-focussed, practical learning
  • Ability to use on your laptop and smartphone

Through our digital learning application, all of our theory subjects are delivered online. For practical, pre-clinical and clinical subjects some theory may be delivered via live streaming, however, the essential practical, hands-on content will always be delivered on campus.

Not sure about studying online? We are here to support you. Whether you need to arrange a face-to-face with your lecturer, get IT support or talk to Student Services, these support networks will be here if you need them. We are available on campus and online and are always happy to help. Remember, you're not alone!

A quick tour

Our digital offering is more than just slides, videos or a PDF file on a screen – our online learning is an immersive and individualised digital environment that makes learning more experiential – a complete transformation from the online learning you've been used to.

Whether you’re a visual, aural, kinaesthetic or verbal learner the digital environment supports how you learn best. How? The learning journey is cyclical, not linear, meaning if you don’t quite understand something, the program will help you to learn it before moving forward so you don’t end up compounding your errors. It learns your strengths and weaknesses to develop your skills and knowledge in a supported environment, improving information retention and creating better results.

Learning that fits into your life – no matter where you are

Daily life can be hectic. With family, work and life commitments, it can be hard to make the time to come on campus for all your subjects. Our digital learning capabilities give you added convenience and flexibility to structure study around your life while adapting to how you learn and your own strengths and weaknesses.

An added bonus of digital learning is that you can be anywhere and still study with us. No more geographical boundaries that prohibit you from turning your passion into your purpose. Live beachside in Byron Bay? Near the rainforest in Cooktown? In wine country in Margaret River? You’ll still be able to learn at Endeavour College. If you live near a campus you can also book into a room and do your digital classes there too. The choice is yours.

You only need to come onto campus when it comes time to do your practical and clinical classes – and this is only for our Health Science degrees – many of our courses can be done entirely online. However, the campuses are always open to you, whether you're there to study, meet classmates, attend one of our on campus events, use the library and more.

"I liked that I was able to study in my own time and still continue with work and family life. " Lexi Crouch, Nutrition graduate, Brisbane

Quality education + technical innovation = better learning outcomes. By combining quality course content created by our subject matter experts (your lecturers) with the best in learning technology (GurooProducer), you’ll benefit from enhanced digital learning that also provides you with study/life balance.

Clinical and practical subjects will remain face-to-face

Our Health Science degrees prepare our graduates for their future careers. This is why we place such a huge focus and priority on our on-campus practical and clinical subjects which make up a significant portion of our Health Science degrees. Did you know Endeavour College students are engaged in more clinical practicum and facilitated learning hours than any of our competitors?

Clinical experience develops skills and confidence, preparing students to take their place as career-ready professionals. For example, our Naturopathy degree has 1,280 hours of clinical-based learning compared to our closest competitor with 960 hours. And our Nutrition degree students undertake over 300 hours more clinical-based learning than our closest competitor.

Another benefit is that students undertake their clinical practicum hours in the Endeavour on-campus Clinics, meaning students do not have to organise external clinical placement. On top of this, Endeavour delivers 42% more facilitated learning hours for non-clinical subjects in Nutrition and 53.8% more hours in Naturopathy than our closest competitor.

Facilitated learning encompasses:

  • On-demand tutorials, presentations, and keynote addresses
  • Online or face-to-face group discussions and exchanges
  • Handouts, readings, and links to relevant websites
  • File and link sharing
  • Surveys and polls
  • Virtual real-time or physical classroom sessions, lectures, seminars
  • Brainstorming sessions (virtual or face-to-face)
  • Group activities such as role-play and games
  • Field trips
  • Projects and case studies

The campus community is still yours

Just because our theory subjects are held online doesn’t mean you miss out on a college community. We truly believe that the development and preservation of our Endeavour community is extremely important and we will be retaining this core value.

As an Endeavour student, you have the ability to:

  • Meet with your classmates for study groups and in-person interaction
  • Book a room on campus and attend a digital class
  • Attend monthly student networking events where you can connect with other students and like-minded people
  • Be inspired by our quarterly inspirational speakers
  • Join us at our regular Endeavour Wellness events
  • Learn from our regular Alumni speakers
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings with your lecturers
  • Access the library, study areas and free wi-fi on campus
  • Access Endeavour Wellness Clinics with student discounts and a free clinic consult per year (two for first-year students!)
  • Enjoy networking opportunities
  • Find your balance with our regular wellbeing sessions
  • Get support when you need it with Student Support Services – we have a range of easy to access support resources available or you can reach us face to face on campus, via phone or via a bookable consultation where needed.

Remember, you are always welcome to come and enjoy campus life and take advantage of our facilities.

"The online environment exceeded my expectations and I love that I gain extra time due to less travel. I feel online delivery is the way of the future." Rebecca Shilton, Naturopathy student, Brisbane

What is Guroo Producer?

At Endeavour, our aim is to work with technologies that are going to be strong for the next 10 years so that we can deliver the best results for our students. As such, our digital environment has been developed in partnership with GurooProducer – a company that specialises in digital learning for higher education institutions including Australian National University (ANU), Monash University, University of Queensland, UNSW and UTS.

We're working with a digital transformation feedback group

As part of our commitment to working with and listening to our students, we have developed a digital transformation feedback group comprised of current students and graduates who engage in real-life utilisation of our online learning application and provide us with their honest feedback. We will always be looking for ways to optimise our application and will continue to make improvements based on this valuable feedback. So, if you would like to be considered for future feedback groups, please reach out to us at

FAQs: your questions answered

Will having online theory classes affect my future registration with associations?

As Endeavour is a Higher Education College, your qualifications are accredited by the federal Department of Education through TEQSA. Separately, the federal Department of Health requires health funds to use industry professional associations to set their own education standards for eligible health fund rebates.

When the educational standards are met for individual professional associations, students are able to join as members of that association. It’s important to note that the education standards for a BHSc degree can vary markedly between associations. Some of the associations are also in the process of updating their standards to reflect the changing nature and delivery of learning and the requirements of the professions, just as we are as an educational provider.

As a graduating student, the choice of which professional association, if any, you wish to join is yours. This choice will be affected by the studies you have undertaken and how they meet the education standards of each association. Endeavour College courses have the highest amount of facilitated learning hours in natural health education in the country and meets the standard of most professional bodies. This facilitated learning will continue to be delivered in real time by supportive lecturers via interactive live streaming as well as additional learning opportunities, practical and clinical practicum hours.

There has been no change to your potential registration with any of the professional bodies.

What about the on-campus college experience and student connection? I feel like I am going to miss out on this.

Fostering a College community is very important to us, as we know it is to you. Please know, you are able to come onto Campus any time to access our facilities including library, meeting rooms, fast wi-fi, clinics, and break out spaces. You can also arrange to meet study groups or classmates for in-person catch ups, and each Campus will have an allocated lecture room where students can attend digital classes together with their peers. Plus, you can organise meetings with your lecturers and Student Services for in-person support too

As part of the student experience, we have an events calendar which includes the below:

Campus activities:

  • Monthly Student Networking Event (Connecting students to staff and other engagement activities)
  • Quarterly Inspirational Speakers
  • Bi-Annual Endeavour Wellness Expo (Associations and Clinic Suppliers)
  • Annual Alumni Panel

You are welcome to come for clinic treatments and as a student we also offer the following starting 2021.


  • Students in their 1st year will receive 2 x free clinic consults
  • Continuing on from that, 2nd year students onwards will receive 1 free clinic consult per year
  • This will encourage our students to try our clinic environment and to come to campus
Why has the college decided to move online for theory subjects?

This is not a decision that the College has taken lightly and we have taken into consideration the following feedback we consistently hear from students;

  • The desire for increased flexibility with studies, considering the majority of our students are part time and also juggling work and family commitments
  • The improvement in the quality of online subjects with requested updates and revisions to ensure subjects are relevant and also engaging for students

We’re committed to delivering the best learning outcomes for students to become credible, professional practitioners, natural health graduates and leaders within the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (CAM).

Endeavour is particularly proud as a College that our Health Science degrees prepare our graduates for their future careers and this is why we place such a huge focus and priority on delivering the best learning and teaching tools across the digital, blended, live streaming, practical and clinical components of the Degree. We will always strive to make the student experience a positive and rewarding one, on and off campus.

What will be changing with the new digital online subjects?

To ensure that we are providing the best teaching and learning tools and outcomes for our students in 2021 and beyond, the College has invested significantly in an upgraded digital online application, allowing a full revision and update of all subjects to support improved student interaction, engagement and outcomes as students scaffold their learning throughout the course.

This upgraded digital learning environment is completely different to the online learning you’ve been used to – it has updated course content that’s been optimised for digital, engaging ways for you to interact with the content plus, we are capping classes at 50 students (on average, live-streamed class sizes will be less than this).

There are a number of changes that we are planning to implement in 2021. These include:

  • The online lectures as you know them are currently being updated into a new digital format. This content will be interactive and engaging, as regular checkpoints and badges including short questions answers to support your learning along the way.
  • Content will be broken down into smaller segments and you can work through these at your own pace allowing you to consolidate the information and also be able to review this regularly
  • The content will include instructional videos as applicable to the subject with lecturer interaction throughout the subject
  • Academics will still be available to support you and class groups will get smaller as we implement best practice of classes sizes at 50 and live-stream classes (Zoom) are expected to be smaller
  • With the academic caps applied to the classes, you will be able to have more real time connections with fellow students and your academics
  • Academics will be able to see in real time how you're performing and engage with you if you need support and you are able to participate in online discussions, forums and chats with your classmates and lectures. In addition, by being digital, subject content can be quickly updated based on industry changes and the latest research meaning will always be at the forefront of current knowledge

Remember that:

    • Practical classes will remain face-to-face allowing you to continue your studies alongside your classmates
    • All clinical classes will remain face-to-face allowing you to connect and study with your classmates
    • Many current theory and practical classes will continue to be live-streamed in smaller groups, with videos allowing in class connections to be developed with academics and your classmates
    • A variety of teaching mediums using the latest digital learning and engagement technology, blended, live-streaming and on campus classes will be available
Will fees be reduced because we are moving to digital theory classes?

We have invested in the best digital learning application on the market that is used by some of Australia’s biggest universities. It’s a significant investment in student learning outcomes and in the future, so we won’t be reducing fees. This is because you are still receiving the same expert knowledge, guidance and course content from our lecturers as well as gaining the same professional learning outcomes and qualifications. And remember, you are always able to come to Campus when you like and arrange face to face meetings with your lecturers should you choose if you need that in-person discussion.

I’m concerned about the quality of digital learning.

We have invested and continue to invest in the best digital learning tools available. We understand that because of the quick turnaround to online learning during COVID-19 that there were some teething issues. This upgraded digital learning environment is completely different to the online learning you’ve been used to – it has updated course content that’s been optimised for digital, engaging ways for you to interact with the content plus, we are capping classes at 50 students (on average, live-streamed class sizes will be less than this).

Academics will be able to see in real time how you’re performing and engage with you if you need support and you are able to participate in online discussions, forums and chats with your classmates and lecturers. In addition, by being digital, subject content can be quickly updated based on industry changes and the latest research meaning you’ll always be on the forefront of current knowledge.

What is the difference between the online, blended, live-streaming teaching methods?

Online will be delivered in the new digital medium of an immersive and engaging online platform with recorded lecturers starting 2021. You will still have access to the academic team members as they will support you throughout the subject, this will not change.

Blended learning will be delivered in the online environment and there will be maximum of 33% autonomous online learning and delivered via live-streaming or on campus. The 33% will be self-directed study through engaging and interactive activities, readings and other topic related content. You will still have access to the academic team members as they will support you throughout the subject, this will not change.

Online live-streaming will be delivered using a virtual platform (e.g. Zoom) and live-streamed to students on campus or home settings. You will still have access to the academic team members as they will support you throughout the subject and we are capping classes at 50 – though on average there'll be less students per live-streamed class.

On-campus studies are where you are required to attend practical or clinical classrooms in the on-campus environment. 

At any time, you can book a consultation with an academic team member via the LMS > Learning Resources > Consultations tab.

Can I still connect with my lecturer?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated lecturer per digital subject who you are able to engage with online. If you would like further support in your studies, you can always book an appointment with your senior lecturer team via the LMS > Learning Resources > Consultations. And remember, you can book face-to-face meetings with your lecturer too.

Are clinical and practical subjects still on Campus?

Yes. All remaining practical, pre-clinical and clinical subjects will continue to be delivered in a blended, live-streamed and on-campus format.

Melbourne will be based on COVID-19 directive from the state government.

I have terrible internet at home, what can I do?

There are a few options for you. You can take advantage of our fast and free wi-fi on campus or find a place to study that offers you reliable internet like your local library. The campus facilities are there for you to use to support you in your studies.

I find studying online really difficult. Is there an option for me to come onto campus?

Our theory classes are offered exclusively online, however, the Campus is always there for you if you would like to do your classes in a classroom (all you need to do is pre-book the room).

If you work better in a group, organise a few of your classmates to come in to do a class and partake in a study group! Each Campus has a dedicated lecture room where you can attend digital classes together with your classmates. If you do need support in your studies, your lecturer and Student Services team will be able to assist you, which can be either face-to-face or over a phone call at a time that suits you – we are always here to help!