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Have questions about Recognition of Prior Learning? Our FAQs may be able to help.

Where can I find the RPL application form and policy?

What does an RPL application cost?

Typically, RPL applications are without cost for a Higher Education course. VET units of competency include an RPL fee as listed on the current Course Fees Schedule, which you can find here.

In some cases, an additional fee may be applied (such as a whole of course RPL application), in which case you will be contacted and advised of the fee to gain your approval before your application is processed.

Must I have fully completed another qualification to apply for RPL?

No, completion of another qualification is not required to apply for RPL. Assessors will look at the learning you have completed, not whether the entire qualification was completed.

Does my course need to be included in the Articulation Abacus to apply for RPL?

No, you can apply for credit even if your course is not included in the Articulation Abacus. The Articulation Abacus provides guidance on the potential outcomes for an application from courses that have been previously assessed. If your course is not already present in the Articulation Abacus, the assessors will ask you to provide us with any further information we need to assess your application.

How recent does my previous study need to be for RPL?

For entrance into a higher education award, previous learning must be completed within the previous 10 years. For entrance into a VET award, previous learning must have been completed within the previous three years. If you can demonstrate that you’ve continued to use your learning from previous studies and maintained your currency (e.g. through working in your field), then your study can be accepted even if they’re outside these timeframes.

Are there limits on how much RPL I can obtain?

Yes, there are limits on how much RPL you can obtain.

For external study into a higher education award, the maximum amount of credit varies by course between 50-75% of the qualification, as described within the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. Additionally, Non-formal learning cannot be used for credit into more than 25% of a higher education course.

For a VET course, there is no limit on maximum credit, and you can apply for up to 100% of the course.

What kind of evidence do I need?

The evidence you provide will vary depending on the nature of your previous learning and the course you are applying for. If your course has already been mapped within our Articulation Abacus, a copy of your completed qualification and the Academic Transcript or Statement of Attainment is sufficient. If your course has not already been mapped within our Articulation Abacus, copies of Subject Outlines or other course documentation will need to be accessed by the assessor. For Informal or Non-formal Learning more detailed evidence will be necessary as described on the pages relevant to those application types.

How can I get assistance if I’m not sure how to complete an application?

If you have any questions about completing an application, you can access support from your Admissions Advisor or by contacting the Educational Pathways office via educational.pathways@endeavour.edu.au.

Why would an application not be approved?

There are a number of circumstances where an application would not be approved.

  • If your documentary evidence was insufficient
  • The currency of your learning was not evidenced
  • If your learning was insufficiently comparable
  • If your evidence was not sufficient for an entire subject or unit of competency
  • If your application is based exclusively on previously awarded credit without evidence of your original learning
  • Where you did not receive a passing grade for your previous study
  • Where the volume of credit requested exceeds the volume of the previously completed study
  • Where awarding credit would fail to meet professional recognition obligations
  • For any capstone subjects, for any clinical placements in higher education where the application was not based on formal learning
  • Where the awarding of credit would disadvantage your achievement of the course’s outcomes
  • Where your application has not met relevant timeframes or been accompanied by relevant fees, or any other disqualifying circumstance as described in the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

How long does an application for credit take to be processed?

Within 10 working days from receipt of the application and all necessary documentation. We recommend submitting an application at least 30 days prior to when you wish to begin your study, to allow time for the assessors to contact you if any further information is necessary for your application.

Can I apply for credit after I have enrolled?

Yes, you can apply for credit at any time during your studies up to your last teaching period before graduating. If you may be eligible for credit into a subject, please ensure you apply early enough to receive an outcome prior to the census date for any subject you enrol into.

Can I appeal a decision if I disagree with it?

Yes, if you think the application was not handled in accordance with Endeavour's Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and your query cannot be resolved by contacting the Pathways team, you may appeal the outcome through the College grievance process. Refer to Grievance Policy.