Support After Graduation

Being part of the Endeavour Alumni Program is all about making great contacts, building a career, furthering your education and being able to connect easily to the wealth of history and knowledge of its members.

Transitioning to Work

Endeavour has developed the What to Consider When Planning Your Career which contains important steps graduates have identified that you should consider in transitioning from studying to commencing your own practice/starting your successful career in natural health.

What to Consider When Planning Your Career


Applying for Jobs

Preparing for the different stages of the job application process will give you the best opportunity to be employed in your dream job.

Endeavour's Careers Service has compiled the below resources to assist you with the various stages of the job application process.

Graduating? Your Essentail to-do List

Endeavour graduate, practising Naturopath, business coach and mentor Bianca Potenta has created this video for Endeavour graduates to highlight what is required to transition from being a student to establishing yourself as a natural health practitioner. This video is to be used as a general guide but it is most important to always contact your professional association for your specific modality.