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Our most popular interviews in 2022

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 20 December 2022

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We’re incredibly proud of the passionate, dedicated, and supportive community at Endeavour. It’s inspiring to hear different perspectives on natural health topics and why members of our community chose a particular path. This is reflected in the interviews on our blog – Future of Wellness (students), Natural Health Heroes (alumni), and Natural Leaders (academics).

As another year comes to a close, let’s take a trip down 2022 memory lane via the most read interviews on our blog!

#5 Opening up career options with a nutrition degree


A dual passion for writing and natural health motivated Zanna Taeni to broaden her career options by pursuing nutrition studies at Endeavour. She was working during the day and studying at night, all the while taking care of her family – but it was all worth it.

As a mother of two beautiful children, writer, nutritionist, business owner, and beyond, it’s safe to say that Zanna’s story is an inspiring one. Read more about Zanna’s journey here.

#4 From a nutrition qualification to working here, there and everywhere!


Lauren Lacey’s drive to excel at athletics during high school inspired her to study nutrition. Since then, her career in natural health has taken her to places she never anticipated. Lauren and her husband set up a non-profit organisation, taking teams overseas to run nutrition and health clinics. They started by helping Syrian refugees in Greece with health checks, and since then, we’ve expanded to helping communities with limited access to healthcare in India and the South Pacific. Read more about Lauren’s journey here.

#3 Circling back to a natural health career and lifestyle


Amelia Hetherington was propelling through a medical science degree when a realisation hit her – she didn’t love it. Following on from this, she pursued her passion for naturopathy and never looked back. While studying naturopathy at Endeavour, Amelia was working at several natural health clinics in Sydney – something that would contribute to her future as a passionate business owner. Read more about Amelia’s journey here.

#2 Finding it within herself to pursue a career in natural health


Bianca Tessarolo and her mum were walking out of a graphic design college open day when a bus with Endeavour advertising drove past. This was a defining moment for Bianca, who went on to pursue a future in natural health. During the final leg of her naturopathy degree, Bianca started her own business and began sharing her knowledge as a student practitioner on social media, and the rest is history. Read more about Bianca’s journey here.

#1 Using her personal experience with autoimmune disease to help others


Our most read interview of the year goes to Casey Wise, whose own experience with rheumatoid arthritis inspired her to pursue a career in natural health to better understand her own condition and help others along the way. While studying nutrition at Endeavour, Casey began experimenting with her own diet and lifestyle – experience and knowledge which she went on to pour into her work as a nutritionist and business owner. Read more about Casey’s journey here.

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