Natural Health Heroes: finding it within herself to pursue a career in natural health

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 22 February, 2022

Bianca Tessarolo

On the Gold Coast, a bus with Endeavour College advertising on its side passed Bianca Tessarolo. It was a defining moment. Catching a glimpse of the ad, she thought, ‘That’s where I’m meant to go.’

Moments before, Bianca and her mum had walked out of another college. They had enquired about a graphic design course. As they were going through the course guide, something didn’t feel right for Bianca. “I told them I’d think about it. When I stepped outside and saw that bus, I realised I hadn’t contemplated studying natural health,” she said.

“I grew up with a health-conscious Mum, who saw a naturopath, but I never thought becoming a naturopath was something I could do. I didn’t know any naturopaths myself or anyone studying naturopathy, and I questioned if I had it in me to complete a health science degree.”

Putting these fears aside, Bianca went to the Endeavour campus and enrolled.

“When I started biochemistry, I was in over my head,” Bianca said. “I didn’t do science at school. But everyone was friendly and reassured me that I could do it. The student clinic made me realise that I was on the right path and wanted to practise. It appealed to the Nancy Drew detective in me,” Bianca laughed.

During the last years of her degree, Bianca started her own business, Aloka, and began sharing her knowledge as a student practitioner on social media. Once she graduated, Bianca ran telehealth naturopathy appointments first. But she was keen to work with patients face-to-face.

“I spotted a new pink clinic being built nearby and took in my resume and cover letter. They asked me for an interview, and before I knew it, I was working in a multimodality clinic focused on women’s health,” Bianca said. “Bringing together natural and conventional medicine is the way of the future, and as a new graduate, being a part of a new clinic has been a wonderful learning experience.”

“It takes a lot of hard work to start your own business,” she said. “I’m grateful to be able to balance telehealth appointments through Aloka with face-to-face consultations at the women’s clinic.”

Bianca’s creativity also gets a workout in the treatment plans she builds for different clients and the Instagram content she creates for other naturopaths who don’t have time to do it themselves. She also now has a solid natural health support network.

“I made some amazing connections at Endeavour. These days, my closest friends are naturopaths. We finished at around the same time, so we’re all on the post-university journey together.”

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