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Our favourite apps for study and focus

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Thursday, 26 January 2023

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Your phone, a distraction from your studies? Think again! Whether you’re studying online, on campus, or a mix of the two, having the right study aids can make a big difference in your results. In saying that, we’ve put together a list of our favourite study, focus, and mindfulness apps to help you get the most out of your learning journey.

Time to download and get appy!

Study and focus

Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to productivity with these apps to help you study and focus:

  • Todoist: An enhanced task manager and to-do list – Todist can organise your subjects, assignment deadlines, study tasks and... well, pretty much your whole life!
    Cost: Free for the basic version
  • myHomework: A task manager and planning tool – if Todoist isn't the right fit for you, myHomework is another planning tool that is designed specifically for students.
    Cost: Free for the basic version
  • Evernote: An intuitive note taking app – Evernote lets you take and edit notes quickly. It also has a search tool that will find what you need, even in handwritten notes and pictures!
    Cost: Free for the basic version

Assessment and exam support

Stay on top of assessments and find support when final exams roll around with these apps:

  • My Study life: A digital study planner – an app to help you plan your studies across a semester. Featuring all the tools you need to get organised and stay on track with your learning journey like scheduling tools, tasks, and reminders.
    Cost: Free for the basic version
  • Chegg: Digital flash cards for students – an app designed especially for students that uses your course information to create a selection of card sets for revision.
    Cost: Free for the basic version
  • GoConqr: A social learning platform – GoConqr offers resources to create revision charts, mind maps, flashcards, notes and quizzes. It combines these features with the ability to connect and collaborate with friends, classmates or students.
    Cost: Free
  • Exam Countdown: An exam tracker – this app helps you to strategically plan your days to achieve maximum results until exam day rolls around. Featuring reminders, colourful icons, and individual subject countdowns to keep track of all your exams and tests.
    Cost: Free


Make time to check in with yourself and be present in the moment with these mindfulness apps:

  • Smiling Mind: An online platform to support healthy minds – Smiling Mind provides tips to start and maintain your mindfulness journey and make mental health a priority. Featuring meditation tools and mindfulness tips from experts.
    Cost: Free
  • Insight Timer: A guided meditation app – the largest free library of guided meditations, we’re talking 130,000 of them.You can use Insight Timer for as long as you want without paying a cent (in-app purchases and locked levels, be gone).
    Cost: Free
  • Happify: Solutions and activities to support mental wellbeing – a single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better mental health and wellbeing that’s customised for you.
    Cost: $14.99 per month
  • The Resilience App: A daily wellbeing journal – identify your emotions, record moments of gratitude, and practice mindfulness to build emotional literacy and highlight the beautiful moments in your daily life.
    Cost: One time purchase of the app for $4.49
  • Calm: The number one app for meditation and sleep – Calm is one you’ve likely heard of before, and with good reason! The leading app for meditation, relaxation, and sleep that aims to make the world a happier place by bringing mental health to the forefront.
    Cost: Free for the basic version

Apps and platforms aside, we’ve got your back as well. Endeavour offers a wide range of support services which you ran read more about here.

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