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Online study tips

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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Whether you’re a seasoned online student or experiencing it for the first time, these tips for online learning will benefit you and set you up for success.

Studying online as opposed to on campus can present some unique challenges, but it also has some unique advantages! Having the flexibility to study wherever, whenever, and however, works best for you makes balancing work and life commitments easier – something that a traditional learning experience may not cater to.

The rise of online and blended learning has made pursuing education and following your passion, no matter where you are in life, a reality – and with that, let’s get onto these tips, shall we?

#1 Manage your time and create a routine

Time management is crucial if you want to succeed as an online student, it also keeps procrastination at bay. Treating an online class like a real one will ensure that you stay organised, consistent, motivated, and on track with your learning.

Create both a weekly and semester schedule to keep your priorities in check and ensure that you meet deadlines. This is a small action with a big reward; being intentional with your time and deliberate in your actions. When are assessments due? What information is the most important for you to learn? What are the key points to remember? How many credit points do you need to pass each semester? Not having a set schedule means these things pile up quickly and can end up causing a traffic jam. Managing your time and taking small, consistent steps eliminates last-minute stress.

#2 Set up a study space

Online learning gives you the flexibility to choose your study space – cafe, library, beach, park, and beyond. Sounds pretty good, right? Although this freedom to create your own classroom is a major benefit of being an online student, we also recommend having a dedicated study area at home (wherever that may be).

Having a space that’s organised, free of distractions, and pleasant to be in helps to establish a routine and puts you in the right mindset to achieve the best results. Maybe you need materials that are tedious to lug to a cafe or an online class requires you to verbally participate so you need a quiet environment – just a few of many reasons why having a dedicated study space in a home environment is important as an online student.

#3 Identify how you learn best

Are you a morning or night person? Are you a visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic learner? What existing priorities and commitments do you have? Asking yourself these questions and establishing a study routine based around the answers will maximise the results of your efforts. No two people learn in the same way, so identifying methods and types of information help you best absorb new concepts will make your study process a smoother journey.

The flexibility provided by online learning allows you to completely customise your educational experience — something a traditional classroom environment may not offer.

#4 Set goals and dedicate time

Setting goals at the beginning of each day, week, semester, and beyond keeps you motivated for the long run. It’s also a great way to make sure you stay on track with your study journey and contributes to successful (and fruitful) use of your time. There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking a goal off your list — it gives you a sense of achievement that’s important to maintain when you’re studying online instead of in a physical classroom environment.

Make your online learning a priority, not an afterthought! Create a routine throughout the week to study, watch lectures, complete homework, work on assignments, and actively participate in your education. Having a routine will keep you on track and ensure that you meet the requirements of your online education.

#5 Connect with others

Connecting with others and having a sense of community is important as an online student. Studying remotely means you’re not physically surrounded by your classmates and lecturers, but it doesn’t mean you’re alone! Online students at Endeavour have access to forums, message boards, online learning resources, support services, events and beyond – make use of them

We hope you’ll keep these tips with you throughout your online learning journey but, before we leave you, there’s one more we want to add – make it fun! Studying takes time and effort, so creating a positive environment and making it an enjoyable experience makes all the difference. Burn some incense, create a study playlist, use cute stationery, treat yourself when you complete a task!

Online student support

Still unsure about studying online? We’re here to support you. Whether you need to arrange a face-to-face with your lecturer, get IT support or talk to Student Services, these support networks are here whenever need them. We are available on campus and online and are always happy to help. Remember, you're not alone!

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