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Fusing traditional and conventional medicine to improve women's health

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 19 October 2021

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As a student, Patricia Diaz was encouraged to find a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) mentor. She found a fourth-generation practitioner and learnt so much with his guidance.

Now running her own successful business, Patricia is determined to share her knowledge and experience with future natural health leaders.

“Students need teachers who have clinical, industrial and research backgrounds,” Patricia said. “They bring wisdom and practical experience – the stuff you don’t find in textbooks – to the classroom. I love teaching at Endeavour. Everyone is so passionate about natural health, and the students embrace the opportunity to learn.

“I feel we’re on the cusp of great things with the increasing cohesion between traditional Chinese and western medicine, particularly in areas like depression, stress, pain and women’s health. It’s exciting that Endeavour is launching three new courses in Chinese medicine, and I’m honoured to be part of the project.

“The body of research about TCM and acupuncture is increasing from all around the world. This supports evidence-based practice. We have come so far since I first studied.”

As a child, Patricia experienced severe asthma. After years of trying mainstream medicine, she turned to Chinese medicine, which helped treat her symptoms and inspired her career choice in TCM. “I recall being nine years old taking herbs and having acupuncture, I was curious to know how it all worked,” explained Patricia.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Patricia worked in China at the Nanjing hospital. It was not long after the SARS outbreak. She was scared to travel but built up the courage and went ahead. It was the beginning of a unique hands-on learning experience that proved second to none. Planning to only stay for four weeks, she returned to Australia six months later.

“Back in Sydney, I did a second degree in pharmacology chemistry and a third in medical science. In 2011, Genea asked me to establish TCM and acupuncture within their IVF clinic. Many of their patients were already using natural health treatments adjunct to their IVF cycles, some without telling their IVF doctor. By bringing acupuncture, yoga, counselling, and nutrition in-house, Genea could offer clients an integrated service, and patients were comfortable talking with their doctors about complementary and natural health therapies.”

In 2015, Patricia founded her clinic – newLife Centre for Women – a busy CBD practice focused on women’s health. She also lectures at Endeavour and has rediscovered her passion for writing.

Patricia is passionate about the synergistic relationship between eastern and western medicine. “Today, I see myself as a green beauty and health enthusiast. I love sharing every part of my day, from healthy lifestyle advice, including health food tips and organic, cruelty-free beauty trends. I have created lots of self-love, health, and wellness content, mostly supporting Australian-made products and companies on my social channels.”

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