Celebrating Chinese Medicine

Endeavour College is proud to now offer three new Chinese Medicine qualifications that are perfectly suited to meet the evolving needs of the Chinese Medicine industry in modern Australia.

Join us at our future events and discover the incredible healing powers of Chinese Medicine, an ancient practice that has been taught for thousands of years.

From tea-blending workshops to live webinars, there is something for everyone! Get your questions answered by our educators first-hand, discover possible career progressions, and spark your passions. Registrations are essential, so don't miss out!

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"The gradual approach Endeavour takes to clinical practice gives me confidence. First, we observe lecturers providing acupuncture treatment, then we work alongside senior students and then, we get to decide the treatment path. The lecturers are all practitioners themselves, and their love for the medicine shines through." - Alf Zollo, Acupuncture student

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