Natural Health Heroes: Using naturopathy to solve conditions that are more than skin deep

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | 31 August, 2021

Fate determined Bridget Backhouse’s niche in naturopathy when a space became available for her within a skin clinic.

Bridget thrives on helping people embrace the skin they’re in and enhance the quality of their sleep.

Skin is a challenging niche,” Bridget said. “Skin conditions are so much more than they first appear, and they can also have such a huge impact on people’s lives. Working with clients to help them identify and resolve the underlying causes is so rewarding. Helping people sleep well is another real passion of mine because it can improve so many other health concerns.”

Bridget has experienced the healing power of naturopathy herself. Before studying naturopathy, she was doing a broad science and arts degree at another university. She got sick, left university, and took up work as a medical receptionist in an allied health clinic. Naturopathy helped Bridget regain her vitality.

“Someone at the allied health clinic suggested I look at studying acupuncture. I found Endeavour online and went to an open day. When I sat in the naturopathy session, I thought, ‘this is for me.’ I went home and told my family that I was enrolling, and I started the following year.”

“After my first experience at university, I was nervous about returning to study,” Bridget said. “But Endeavour was such a positive experience. I loved its size, and the lecturers were so approachable. I never questioned my choice.”

“The science at Endeavour was harder than I’d assumed it would be, especially chemistry in the first year. Once you get through that, it makes more sense. I’m grateful that I had lots of support. I was living at home and working part-time in a naturopathy clinic, which was also an advantage, and I studied hard.”

“When I got to the student clinic, everything clicked into place. It was nerve-wracking to be looking after real clients, but I loved the experience. We had the support of the lecturers and were working in partnerships to figure out how to best treat clients. I miss that collaborative approach,” she said.

After graduating in 2019, Bridget worked in the skin clinic until Covid-19 forced her online. She currently only runs her naturopathy business, Earthly Health, online and works two days a week as a medical receptionist in a women’s health clinic. Bridget is busy creating naturopathy resources that help reduce the need for face-to-face consults and enjoys sharing her knowledge about studying well.

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