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Using her naturopathy skills to help the helpers

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Thursday, 10 February 2022

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As a Metagenics Territory Manager, Elenna Barton is often on the road. Not that she minds. Elenna loves her role because it has re-ignited her passion for naturopathy.

"I’m always learning more about the powerful tools we can use to improve our health, and every day, I meet amazing practitioners treating different conditions,” Elenna said. “It would be hard to do this job without a natural medicine degree. That’s your foundation. But when you leave college, you keep building on that foundation.”

Elenna loved research during her naturopathy degree at Endeavour and still enjoys finding the answers to tricky questions.

“Although I learnt the A to Z of Metagenics products, it’s not possible to remember everything. Thankfully, the company has a clinical support team. I can contact them for support when I’m speaking with practitioners. You’re never on your own. Being a sole practitioner can be isolating. I enjoy being able to spend time with each practitioner and add value to their practice by sharing industry knowledge or new research.”

While she was growing up, Elenna’s family saw an amazing naturopath. “I was always interested in medicine, but I wasn’t passionate about conventional medicine. I thought about a career using natural medicine to treat animals because I love animals, but there was nowhere to study that.”

“I chose to study naturopathy at Endeavour because the College has a great reputation,” Elenna said. “I enjoyed learning with like-minded people who shared my interests and beliefs. The lecturers also have so much experience that they’re willing to share – it’s invaluable. Straight out of high school, my challenge was adjusting to the discipline of a bachelor’s degree, like reading research papers and taking the information I needed and then referencing everything correctly.”

When Elenna started studying, she thought she’d practice. After working in a health food store and the student clinic, she realised it wasn’t for her.

“The health food store work exposed me to many brands and different people. I knew I was good at sales. So, when I graduated, I searched for a role that combined naturopathy and sales. My first role was with Sanofi as a rep,” Elenna said. “I had found what gives me joy – helping the helpers – the practitioners who want the best for their patients.”

Elenna jumped at an opportunity to work for Blackmores in their animal health division, and she stayed with the company for eight years. “My role was to teach vets about integrating natural medicine into conventional treatments. They were very receptive to the combination, so it was rewarding to work with them.”

Few natural medicine manufacturers have their headquarters in Brisbane, but Metagenics is one of them. When a role came up with the company, Elenna jumped at the opportunity. She is grateful that she did because her current role inspires her, and she’s got room for further career growth.

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