Endeavour Wellness Clinics

Turning theory into practice at our Wellness Clinics

At Endeavour, we believe that a well-rounded student experience includes putting theory into practice. This is brought to life in our Endeavour Wellness Clinics, where our students complete practical hours in our public-facing clinic, preparing them to enter the industry with skills, experience, connections and confidence.

What are the Endeavour Wellness Clinics?

The Endeavour Wellness Clinics are a national network of public-facing clinics which also act as a practical teaching environment for our students. There is a clinic on each of our six campuses nationwide which offer a variety of affordable natural healthcare treatments to the public.

The Student Practitioners at our clinics receive approximately 29,000 client visits annually and treat clients under the supervision of qualified practitioners, aka their teachers! This teaching and mentoring process allows students to gain significant practical experience, build a network and connect with clients and the industry well before graduating.

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“Student clinic at Endeavour was amazing. In one month, you learn what you could in five years in theory.” – Megan Yonson, Nutrition alumna

How does it work?

The clinic experience for our students is structured around four separate terms throughout the year, which allows more opportunity to study and treat clients outside of a traditional semester and promotes a continuity of care for our clients (who can visit the clinic for the majority of the year).

Having four clinic terms essentially provides students with four opportunities to catch up or get ahead with their clinic placement. These terms provide increased flexibility to juggle personal, work and study commitments, and plan time in the clinic around these commitments. Our clinic model is also inclusive and supportive as it does not require students to find external placements; all clinical hours are completed in the Endeavour Wellness Clinics.

Our clinic experience for students:

  • Provides a high standard of clinical education for students
  • Builds experience in the clinical setting
  • Builds strong and repeated client experience
  • Provides flexibility
  • Extends opening hours for increased client engagement

Clinical hours based on discipline

  • Chinese Medicine – 998 clinical hours
  • Naturopathy – 651 clinical hours
  • Acupuncture Therapies – 600 clinical hours
  • Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine – 468 clinical hours
  • Myotherapy – 351 clinical hours
  • Chinese Remedial Massage – 228 clinical hours
  • Remedial Massage – 200 minimum clinical hours

“The amount of clinic hours we do helps you develop knowledge and confidence. Endeavour’s lecturers come from diverse backgrounds, and they are excellent mentors in the student clinic.” – Lucy Eccles, Myotherapy student

Benefits of the clinic experience for students

Students gain significant clinical experience at Endeavour Wellness Clinics under the supervision of qualified practitioners. Clinic Supervisors are highly experienced in that they have or are currently in clinical practice and have at least five years’ experience in the clinic field.

In the clinics, students have the opportunity to develop and refine all the skills required for professional clinical practice. These skills include client assessment and management, client recruitment, continuity of care, dispensary management, and providing a full spectrum of clinical care.

In addition to academic support via our experienced Clinic Supervisors, our students are mentored by business minded clinic operational staff. This means that students will experience what it’s like to run a commercial entity, learning skills and processes which range from reception duties to stock control. This all-encompassing teaching and learning method is what sets Endeavour College apart. If you're considering studying at Endeavour, read more about the courses we offer here.

Want to learn more about the clinic?

Visit the Endeavour Wellness Clinic website for a rundown of the various clinic treatments, clinic philosophy, how it works and more.