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Natural Health Heroes: Rachel Larsson

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 15 April 2020

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Rachel Larsson was in the middle of a Bachelor of Public Health (Nutrition) when she realised it just wasn’t what she wanted to do. True to her nature, she finished the degree and then enrolled in Naturopathy at Endeavour.

“I realised I wanted to help individuals make real change by working one-on-one with them,” Rachel said. “When I started my first degree, I wasn’t aware of Naturopathy,” she said. “But after seeing a Naturopath for my health challenges, I experienced a whole new way of looking at the body as a connected holistic entity.”

Rachel started her degree at Endeavour on the Gold Coast but later moved to Melbourne. “One of the reasons I chose Endeavour was because it had colleges around Australia,” Rachel said, “When I decided to trying living in another city, Endeavour made the transfer easy.”

Naturopathy is a big degree, and I loved how Endeavour taught it,” Rachel said. “They pack a lot in, but you feel like you have a community of people – lecturers and students – who help each other get through.”

After her degree, Rachel worked in a business with an integrated GP and another Naturopath. “Working as part of this team for two and a half years, I learnt a lot and gained confidence. So, when my role was made redundant, I was ready to follow my dream and set up my business.”

“It was a huge learning curve!” Rachel said. “But it’s also rewarding. I gained a stronger sense of self, and I’ve learnt to ride the ebbs and flows of a business. You’ve got to be your own motivator and supporter, and you’ve got to practice self-care.”

Drawing on her experience and that of her family’s, Rachel built a business specialised in gut health as well as mental health, immunity and mould exposure. COVID-19 has forced her to adapt her business quickly. “I wanted my clients to have access to my gut-healing program and other services in ways that fit with social distancing and suit their financial state and level of commitment,” she said.

“I was practising in a clinical space, but I’d wanted to move my business online for greater flexibility. I didn’t expect to be 100 per cent online so fast!” Rachel also enjoys public speaking and loves collaborating with other health professionals and businesses. She is looking into online resources, such as webinars, that offer knowledge to a wider audience, working along the lines of a team care approach for better health.

In an article for Endeavour, Rachel has shared some lessons about dealing with perfectionism, which also serve as useful tips for managing uncertainty and overwhelm related to COVID-19.

Natural Health Heroes

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