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Making a sea change in her thirties that led to a dream career in tonic herbalism

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Monday, 29 May 2023

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Heeding the call for a sea change, Amy Gardner relocated to the Gold Coast. But that change sparked the start of several more that brought her closer to her passion – food as medicine – and a discovery that would mold her future career.

“I was a commercial sales manager in Melbourne when I started learning to surf,” Amy said. “I did a road trip from there to the Gold Coast, surfing some amazing beaches on the way, and that’s when I knew I needed to make a change. I settled on the Gold Coast, and soon after, I had an epiphany that food as medicine was my passion.”

Amy already had a Bachelor of Arts (Criminology) but decided to pursue another degree. After looking at several universities, she enrolled in one subject at Endeavour – the history of healing.

“I was in my thirties, so I wanted to make sure it was the right choice. After that one subject, I was hooked,” Amy said. “I did the first two years of the nutrition degree full-time and taught swimming part-time. When I got a job as a rep for a health brand, I moved to part-time study.”

At Endeavour, Amy discovered medicinal mushrooms and experienced their powerful impact on the immune system. “I travelled to Melbourne, and everyone on the flight was sick, and my family and friends were sick, and somehow I stayed well,” she said. “I put it down to the mushrooms and have taken them ever since!”

Through Amy’s experience in the Endeavour student clinic, she realised clinical practice was not for her. Instead, she ventured into work as an in-house nutritionist with a health food store, taught Pilates and kept her eyes open for an opportunity to use her skills full-time in holistic health.

A friend alerted her to the job at SuperFeast, but she had also applied to work with a big health company. Amy decided to follow her heart!

SuperFeast was a young, family-owned business, and Amy was the only customer service person. Six years on, she’s General Manager and still loves what she does and where she works.

“Working at SuperFeast is fulfilling because everyone here loves tonic herbs and wants to educate others about taking a natural and empowered approach to their health. Because we were a small team at the start, I learnt about the whole business. As GM, I can now use the combination of my degrees and experience, and as the company continues to grow, so do I.”

SuperFeast practices the art of Taoist tonic herbalism and follows a sourcing philosophy called Di Dao. Amy explained this translates as sourcing herbs from their spiritual homeland.

“It means we can support local growers and small operators specialised in different lineages.

“This is where I appreciate Endeavour’s holistic and balanced education. It emphasised the importance of understanding the herbs or mushrooms journey back to the soil where it was grown while also recognising the need to have products tested at TGA-approved facilities to ensure the purity and quality of the ingredients."

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