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Jumping into the fear to find exactly where she’s meant to be – in nutrition

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 7 June 2022

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Margo White’s journey into nutritional medicine began with her children and gradually evolved into a new career that has opened up her world.

“I had always been a foodie, but motherhood sparked my interest in holistic health,” Margo said. “When my daughter was born, I wanted to give her the best start in life, so I learnt about organic foods and how to feed her well, which led to feeding our family better.”

After being a stay-at-home Mum for ten years, Margo realised she was looking after everyone but herself. Keen to do something for herself but unsure about what to do, she went to an Endeavour Open Day.

“I had a lightbulb moment,” she said. “And I knew Endeavour was the first step. But I was full of self-doubt and struggled with imposter syndrome. I kept asking, ‘Will I get through a nutrition degree? Am I smart enough?’”

“I found some subjects incredibly hard. I realised I have a different learning style and need specific instructions, but I was ready to take on that challenge,” Margo said. “I learn more than nutrition in this degree. Every grade was proof that I could do it, and gradually, I changed my internal self-beliefs. Studying was such a powerful experience.”

Margo was about to start in the student clinic when self-doubt crept in again. “By then, I had a new motto – jump into the fear! Things are often worse in our heads than they actually are,” she said. “I did well in the clinic, and while I was waiting for my graduation certificate, I decided I wanted to give back.

Margo started running mentoring sessions for other students to share her experience and help them manage any worries they had about putting theory into practice.

“It has been so rewarding to help other students who face the same worries I had. We talk through what happens in the clinic, and I try to prepare them mentally and emotionally, as well as giving students some practical advice about things like their resource folder,” Margo said. “Sometimes, I think people also just need to hear, ‘you’ll get through this.’ I’m living proof!”

Margo loved the idea of working for herself and established a business – Whole Body Nutrition.

She sees clients face-to-face and online for nutritional advice. “I enjoy helping people get in touch with how they feel when they eat food and how they can improve their relationship with food. I talk with them about whole foods and soul foods and how we need both!”

While her business is growing, Margo works part-time as a receptionist at an integrative oncology clinic. There, ​Naturopaths, a Nutritionist, and other natural health practitioners work together on treatment plans for patients with cancer. She has also created social media content and several podcasts about nutrition.

Whatever comes next for her career, Margo never doubts that nutrition is where she is meant to be.

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