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Finding a gentler and more creative approach to wellbeing

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Wednesday, 26 October 2022

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Tia Miers loved science, biology and the human body. So, she chose to study nursing when she finished high school. But the degree didn’t fill her creative soul, and she sought a gentler approach to wellbeing.

“I tried to make nursing work, but the more I learnt about time-scheduled medication and conventional patient care, the more I knew it wasn’t for me,” Tia said. “Added to that, I was studying in a big university, where I felt like a number in the system.”

Tia had moved from her hometown in Tannum Sands, North Queensland, to study in Brisbane. After 12 months of her nursing degree, she switched to naturopathy at Endeavour. She started at the Brisbane campus before transferring to the Gold Coast.

“The final push to change my degree came from my health challenges. Coming off the pill, I had heavy irregular periods. Laparoscopic surgery confirmed endometriosis,” Tia said. “I wanted to take charge of my health without using synthetic hormones. I went to a naturopath for guidance and felt so much better.”

At Endeavour, Tia found it easier to make close friends. “We had smaller classes and tutorials, which benefited my learning and social life. As a close-knit community, you were more accountable – someone knew if you weren’t in class, and they’d check up on you.”

“I found science challenging but loved biology. There’s so much content in the degree, and you never feel like you know enough. But my favourite subject by far was clinical practice, which you do many hours of in Endeavour’s student clinic,” Tia laughed. “I think Endeavour also taught me resilience, and when I graduated, I was confident that I could work in the industry.”

Now a qualified naturopath and the owner of the Whole Health Studio, Tia enjoys seeing clients and piecing together their health puzzles. Before she opened her business, Tia worked overseas in health retreats in exotic locations like Bali.

“When the pandemic hit, I was drawn to stay in Australia and witness the ongoing journey that my clients have with their health. My clinic got busy very quickly,” Tia said. “I love working one-on-one with people, having deep conversations, getting to the root cause of their health concerns and educating them about improving their quality of life. I also love creating herbal tonics tailored for every client.”


Whole Health Studios now houses other practitioners, including acupuncturists, a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Tia likes this approach because the team can share the responsibility of making clients well. She also reached her client capacity and started to look for ways to help people while they waited for a space to open.

Tia formulates a range of supplements that don’t require a prescription and are available on her website. “This is another way for people to try naturopathy before booking a consultation, and it allows me to be creative.”

“One of the biggest lessons from my business has been time management. At the start, my work-life balance was out, but now, five years in, I’ve managed to step back and set boundaries. I’ve employed some wonderful young women, including an Endeavour graduate, to help me run the business and create balance in my life so I can keep helping others.”

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