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Biding her time to help others to thrive naturally

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Tuesday, 7 March 2023

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Buried deep in Aphrodite Bogias’ heart was a passion for helping people connect with nature, but it took some time for Aphrodite to transform that passion into her purpose.

“After school, I studied Arts as a pathway to Law, but quickly got disillusioned,” Aphrodite said. “So, I moved into a corporate role as a team leader and coach, supporting others to deliver their best. I won state and national awards, but I still felt like there was another way to have a lasting impact on people’s lives.”

With some people around her experiencing health challenges, Aphrodite had a revelation. She realised that, without good health, we can’t live the life we want. “Health is the foundation to beautiful, fulfilling lives – it gives us the freedom to do wonderful things.”

Aphrodite left the corporate world and started studying homeopathy. Unfortunately, the college closed before she finished her course, and she moved interstate and had children. “I knew I had to go back to study, but I didn’t know when.”

About six years ago, Aphrodite got her opportunity. “I chose to study naturopathy at Endeavour because it was a large college with a reputation as the best. I was concerned because I hadn’t done science since school, but the lecturers made it relevant and interesting. I was shocked by how much I loved chemistry,” Aphrodite laughed. “And when you love what you’re learning, you’re so motivated.”

“I studied part-time, but time went fast,” she said. “I knew early on I wanted to have a clinic so I could balance my career and home life.” Aphrodite has set up a home studio for her business, Nature to Thrive, which opens in early 2023. She wanted to wait until she had completed a live and coagulated blood microscopy course before launching her clinic.

While studying, Aphrodite had acupuncture treatments at the Endeavour Wellness Clinic. She developed such a love for Chinese Medicine that she is now studying it at Endeavour. “I feel it will enrich my practice.” she said.

Aphrodite’s natural health knowledge has also enriched her family. “I raised my children holistically and have loved teaching and empowering them. My mother was the first person who introduced me to natural health concepts, and we still discuss different herbs and remedies.”

“I encourage others to follow their passion,” Aphrodite said. “Don’t doubt you can do it. At Endeavour, everyone has the same intention to help others, and all the support is there. If natural health is your passion, it’s possible, and what you bring to it will make all the difference.”

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