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Finding her path to healing herself, others and the planet

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Thursday, 11 June 2020

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Half-way through her environmental science degree, Amy Parin decided to put it on hold to pursue her passion in natural health. She’s now in her first year of naturopathy at Endeavour.

“It was a big step, but I trusted my intuition. I have always been drawn to the holistic nature of naturopathy,” Amy said. “Plus, I’m also curious about how I might combine it with environmental science in the future. I’m so passionate about both. After all, if we’re doing the right things by our bodies, we’re doing the right thing by the environment.”

Amy is from Perth, Western Australia. While she was growing up, she travelled up and down the state’s coastline camping with her family and was often exposed to rural places. “I developed a strong connection to nature and the physical world from spending so much time outside, by the beach and exploring.”

Amy’s interest in naturopathy was sparked by her desire to be in her best health. “A naturopath was the first health professional to properly listen when I spoke about my challenges,” Amy said. “Rather than just giving me a prescription, she took the time to look at my overall health and lifestyle as well as educating me about how I could take better care of myself.”

“When I decided to enrol in naturopathy, I had been looking into it for a couple of years,” Amy said. “I went to an Endeavour College Open Day, and it was so friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere on campus is the same. I like that everyone there is on the same health journey.”

“I believe you can’t go wrong studying naturopathy – the knowledge is priceless. You can apply it in everyday life as well as use it to help others. I also never realised that there is so much nature entwined with natural health,” Amy laughed.

With COVID-19 restrictions, Amy’s first semester moved online, and she’s navigating webinars and screencasts. “I’m missing the instant Q&A sessions that we had in class,” Amy said. “The teacher-student ratio is great at Endeavour, and I was always the kid asking the most questions. Everyone at Endeavour is incredibly helpful, and there are so many resources. You’ve just got to ask, and even if they don’t have it, they’ll find a way of helping.”

Although she’s in her first year, Amy is already thinking about what she’ll do once she finishes. “I want to practice and maybe develop an online consultation model or resource that’s easily accessible to everyone and helps others to start their healing journey.” Amy is already sharing her knowledge via Instagram, building a committed following interested in natural health and sustainability.

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