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Finding the right time to immerse herself in nutrition and family

Written by Endeavour College of Natural Health | Monday, 30 January 2023

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Leaving high school, Rachel Horn thought a three-year nutrition degree was too daunting, so she ventured into the travel industry. Her career took her around the world to 35 countries before she settled back in Perth, where Rachel had an epiphany.

“When I was pregnant with my son, I was listening to a podcast about a photographer who was always told that he could never be a photographer,” Rachel said. “I thought, ‘I’ve got to follow my dream.’ I had always wanted to study nutrition but went into travel instead. When I called Endeavour, enrolments closed in three days. I wanted to have a chat with my husband as we had a young baby. He encouraged me to do it, so I enrolled.”

“I didn’t know what I was in for. It was fifteen years since I had left school. So I started with three units and staggered them. Then, I picked up other units as I could. I studied when my son was in daycare two days a week and when he slept,” Rachel said. “I would get up early and study. I’m surprised at how good my grades are and proud that I can do a science degree while raising a family.”

Rachel said she has never been so passionate about her studies.

“I think it was the right time. I loved my travel career and learnt lots of skills. That life experience was worth gaining before I started studying. Now, I’m set up financially, I’ve travelled, I have a family, and I’m ready for the next phase of life.

“Time feels more precious now. I’ve had time to reflect, and I don’t want to waste time on anything that’s not super important. I had a certificate in nutrition and worked in marketing for health and wellness companies, but it wasn’t enough. I love being immersed in nutrition.”

Rachel is now in her second year of nutrition and is on campus more because she’s practising in the student clinic.

“Being on campus is more challenging when you have children,” she laughed. “But it is good to be on campus, connecting with other students and asking lecturers questions.”

Rachel works at a natural medicine clinic based in Nedlands, Floralia Wellness, where she is gaining valuable experience at the front of house and apothecary on her journey to becoming a practitioner in the natural health industry.

“I think my family has made me a more understanding person,” she said. “I appreciate what it’s like to try and feed children nutritious meals. I definitely want to work with children and women’s health, pregnancy and postpartum when I graduate.”

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